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Min Byung-Gu

Min Byung-Gu build & priority


Base copyBase or A3A5+
He’s a good healer without dupes, A3 only if you lack heals and need the instant HP recovery provided by that passive.


Don’t underestimate his [Disguise] skill, since it increases healing and crit damage / rate for everyone in the team. Best healer in the game by far. Super easy to build since he doesn’t need to do damage (full Holy set). Doesn’t need dupes to work as a healer.


Judgment of Light
■ Light damage.
Stage 1 Damage: 79.5% of the user’s Max HP.
Stage 2 Damage: 82.5% of the user’s Max HP.
Stage 3 Damage: 85.5% of the user’s Max HP.

Holy Mace
■ Light damage — [Knocks Down].
Damage: 258% of the user’s Max HP.
When [Disguised], the user’s damage is increased by 50%.

Light’s Glimmer
■ Light damage — [Knocks Down].
Damage: 304.5% of the user’s Max HP.
Cooldown: 8 sec.
MP Consumption: 198.
When this skill is used, the user’s entire team recovers HP equal to 0.75% of Min Byung-Gu’s Max HP every second for 10 second(s).
When the user is [Disguised], the Recovery Rate increases by 100%.

Conviction of Light
■ Light damage — [Punishment].
Damage: 499.5% of the user’s Max HP.
Cooldown: 12 sec.
MP Consumption: 264.
When the user is [Disguised], the [Punishment] effect increases to 15%. This effect increases enemy damage taken by 5% for 20 second(s).

Support Skill: Judgment of Righteousness
■ Light damage — [Knocks Down].
Damage: 156.22% of the user’s Max HP.
Cooldown: 25 sec.
When the user uses this skill, it applies the HP continuous recovery effect that recovers HP equal to 1% of their Max HP every second for 10 second(s) to entire team.
When this skill hits, applies the [Punishment] effect, increasing damage taken by 15% for 20 second(s).

QTE Skill: Divine Punishment
■ Light damage.
Damage: 330% of the user’s Max HP.
Cooldown: 20 sec.
Usage condition: Core Attack, Ultimate Skill.
When this skill is used, the user’s power gauge recharges by 5%.

Ultimate Skill: Heavenly Blessing
■ Light damage.
Damage: 426% of the user’s Max HP.
Cooldown: 45 sec.
Power Gauge Consumption: 100%.
The user applies the [Heavenly Blessing] to the entire team, increasing damage dealt and critical hit rate by 12% for 12 second(s).
The user is [Disguised], it applies the [Critical Hit Damage Increase] effect to the entire team, increasing the critical hit damage by 40% of the amount that exceeds Min Byung-Gu’s basic critical hit damage for 12 second(s).

Passive Details
When tagging in or using Divine Punishment, applies the [Disguise] effect, decreasing damage taken by 50% until he is hit. This effect lasts 10 second(s).

All team member’s critical hit rate and critical hit damage increase by 8% and increase to 12% for [Light] team members.

The user’s HP increases by 5%.

When Light’s Glimmer is used, the entire team instantly recovers HP equal to 2% of Min Byung-Gu’s Max HP.

Byung-Gu’s power gauge acquisition rate increases by 10%.

When the user uses Heavenly Blessing, increases the damage of the next Ultimate Skill of the team member with the highest total power by 50%.

Character traits


– Hands down the best healer in the game while also providing decent damage output for light element

– His [Disguise] effect will make enemies take more damage, increased healing for his skills and also increases the crit rate/damage for everyone

– Easier to build with a full set of Holy, increasing his healing skills and also the damage of everyone else in the team

– Doesn’t need dupes to fill his role as a healer, making him cheaper to build than other SSR characters

– Staple unit in Battlefield of Time, where you need more sustain compared to campaign and your daily grind


– This game values more dodging and breaking shields than actually healing, since his damage output is lower than most SSR units he finds no usage on most content in the game (endgame is a different matter tho)

Should you reroll for Min Byung-Gu?

No. While he’s the best healer in the game, Solo Leveling: Arise rewards people who dodge and deal more damage. You will be pushing content under heavy combat power deficit so it’s always better to get a DPS unit.

If you are keen on rerolling, consider checking our guides to see what are the units you should be aiming for.

3 comments on "Min Byung-Gu"

  1. speckmoor says:

    I got him and have to say Battlefield of Trials is a breeze now. Makes Autoplay really easy.

  2. SirKastiq says:

    Can you put in on characters or maybe make a tier list for best hunter weapons? Obviously their specific weapon is the best for each character but technically only whales would be able to “guarantee” that.

    1. Sefhi says:

      I will update the weapon tier list with hunter weapons too most likely or add them on individual hunter pages soon

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