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Sakura: Bloom in Summer

40 seconds

Sakura: Bloom in Summer build & priority

Skill priority

Skill 1Skill 2Burst
High investment for raids, you can go 7/10/10. There’s no reason to go higher than level 5 on skill 1 realistically speaking since it should be enough to maintain stacks.

Best harmony cube

Both Resilience and Bastion work wonders with her.

Stat priority

Like most attackers, ATK and elemental damage take priority. Crit damage and rate are good fillers.

Max ammo is a nice addition, but not necessary.


Skill 1: Bloom
■ Activates at the start of the battle. Affects self.
Forcefully uses Skill 2.
■ Activates when an ally or self destroys an enemy’s part. Affects self.
Sustained Damage ▲ 5.1% for 30 sec.
■ Activates when an ally or self destroys an enemy’s part. Affects self during Dancing Flower.
Dancing Flower Duration ▲ 10.02 sec.
■ Activates when an ally or self destroys an enemy’s part. Affects all enemies who are in Sakura Petals status.
Sakura Petals Duration ▲ 10.02 sec.

Skill 2: Full Glory
Active – 30.00S
■ Affects self.
Dancing Flower: Attack Damage ▲ 15.64% for 15 sec.
■ Affects the enemy with the highest ATK.
Sakura Petals: Deals 256% of final ATK as sustained damage every 1 Sec for 15 sec.

Burst Skill: Ephemeral Spender
Active – 40.00S
■ Affects random enemies.
Deals 457. 14% of final ATK as damage. Attacks sequentially for 10 time(s).
■ Affects the same target(s).
Deals 35.16% of final ATK as sustained damage every 1 sec, stacks up to 10 times(s) and lasts for 10 sec.

Character traits


– Even without parts, insane damage output catching up to most meta characters available at her release

– 50% uptime on skill 2 is enough for most content, even when there are no parts involved

– When we get more sustained damage buffers she will only get stronger

– Can be used on any team regardless of the type of content, even if she shines on bosses

– Official wife finally gets her alt


– Limited character we don’t know what Shift Up plans to do next summer in terms of reruns


BEFORE YOU WATCH. This is testing without parts since at the time of her release there is no active Solo Raid or Union Raid where we can properly test. Even then, she’s pretty damn good.

Should you reroll for Sakura: Bloom in Summer?

If you are playing while her banner is active, yes. She’s a limited character tho, so if you start after the banner is gone, you cannot reroll for her.

If you are keen on rerolling, consider checking our guides to see what are the units you should be aiming for.

2 comments on "Sakura: Bloom in Summer"

  1. Paul says:

    Spent everything to get her MLB and I don’t regret it one bit

  2. Rikhard says:

    wife is very wife shaped

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