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Silver Mane Baek Yonhoo

Silver Mane Baek Yonhoo build & priority


Base copyA1 or A3A5+


The lower his HP the higher his attack becomes. Simple to play, amazing single target damage output, but tricky to stay alive depending on your skills and team composition.


Magic Beast’s Claws
■ Dark damage.
Stage 1 Damage: 189% of the user’s Attack.
Stage 2 Damage: 205.5% of the user’s Attack.
Stage 3 Damage: 231% of the user’s Attack.

■ Dark damage.
Damage: 888% of the user’s Attack.

Violent Assault
■ Dark damage.
Damage: 1615.5% of the user’s Attack.
Cooldown: 8 sec.
MP Consumption: 198.

Extreme Attack: Beast Form
■ Dark damage — [Extreme Attack: Beast Form] — [Super Armor].
Damage: 288% of the user’s Attack.
Cooldown: 15 sec.
MP Consumption: 330.
When this skill is used, applies the [Extreme Attack: Beast Form], which increases the user’s basic attack damage and attack speed by 30% while increasing the damage taken by the user by 15%. This effect also deals continuous damage equal to 4% of current HP every 3 seconds for 10 second(s).

Support Skill: Magic Beast’s Instinct
■ Dark damage — [Quick Attack: Beast Form].
Damage: 1171.67% of the user’s Attack.
Cooldown: 25 sec.
When the user uses this skill, it applies the [Quick Attack: Beast Form], increasing the user’s attack by 20% and damage taken by 10% for 15 second(s).

QTE Skill: Magic Beast’s Ambush
■ Dark damage.
Damage: 1639.5% of the user’s Attack.
Cooldown: 20 sec.
Usage condition: Extreme Evasion, Core Attack, Ultimate Skill.

Ultimate Skill: Divinity
■ Dark damage.
Damage: 3519% of the user’s Attack.
Cooldown: 45 sec.
Power Gauge Consumption: 100%.
The user’s damage increases by 10% for every 10% of the user’s HP lost.

Passive Details
The user’s Skill Damage increases equal to 50% of the user’s reduced HP ratio.
When Slaughter or Violent Approach hits, inflicts [Bleed] on the target, dealing damage equal to 1% of current HP every 3 second(s) for 30 second(s).
The skill damage the user deals to targets inflicted with [Bleed] with Magic Beast’s Claws and Slaughter increases by 20%.

When the user uses Extreme Attack: Beast Form, increases Critical Hit Rate and Critical Hit damage by 3% every 1 second(s) for 10 second(s).

The user’s HP increases by 10%.

Increases the Basic Attack and Core Attack damage increase effect to [Bleeding] targets to 40%.

The user’s basic attack damage increases by 40%.

The user’s Skill Damage increases proportionally to 80% of the user’s reduced HP ratio.

Character traits


– Even without his ultimate, one of the best damage dealers in the game for single target enemies and bosses

– Pretty simple character to build since he just needs HP, attack and critical hit damage. His basic attacks just hit like a truck, once properly built


– He will be losing damage output every time he gets healed since his damage is based on the amount of HP lost

– Hard to play for casual players and people with boomer hands (me) since he’s always one hit away from dying

Should you reroll for Silver Mane Baek Yonhoo?

Not really. Incredible damage output but really hard to keep him alive unless you are really good at the game or have a dedicated healer, which means he’s losing damage every time he actually gets healed (kekw).

If you are keen on rerolling, consider checking our guides to see what are the units you should be aiming for.

3 comments on "Silver Mane Baek Yonhoo"

  1. Luftë says:

    What would be the best item sets for him?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Will you be adding moonshadows to the weapon tier list?

    1. Sefhi says:

      Yes! Need to finish testing

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