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Trony build & priority

Skill priority

Skill 1Skill 2Burst
If for any reason you want to have her on your main team, you can push all the way to 4/4/10 since most of her damage comes from the burst.

Best harmony cube

Resilience is the best option so she doesn’t take three years to reload.

Stat priority

Max ammunition capacity, ATK and elemental damage since she is a DPS. The rest of the stats can be filled charge speed / damage and some crit.


Skill 1: T. Rony Bomber
■ Activates when hitting the target with Full Charge. Affects the target if there are no enemies in T.Rony Bomber status.
Cumulative Damage Skill for 5 sec.
Function: Accumulates part of damage inflicted by the caster. Upon reaching the maximum accumulated damage, deal damage to enemies before ending.
Effect 1: Maximum Accumulated Damage is 1536% of the caster’s final ATK.
Effect 2: Accumulates 50% of damage dealt by self.
Effect 3: Deals distributed damage to all nearby enemies upon reaching the maximum accumulated damage.

Skill 2: Efficiency Increase
■ Activates when attacking with Full Charge for 5 time(s). Affects self.
Distributed Damage ▲ 51.84% for 10 sec.
■ Activates when hitting the target with Full Charge for 5 time(s). Affects the target.
DEF ▼ 9.59% for 10 sec.

Burst Skill: Mega T.Rony
Active – 40.00S
■ Affects Self.
ATK ▲ 101.37% for 10 sec.
Accumulated damage ratio of the Cumulative Damage Skill ▲ 62.83% for 10 sec.

Character traits


– Don’t listen to anyone else, feet is a pro

– Even with both skills having attacks with full charge, it’s better to actually manual play her for higher damage output

– Really good DPS unit for bosses and single target damage thanks to her brand

– Once again, feet


– Distributed damage teams are a half cooked idea by Shift Up, and we don’t have enough units for it to work yet

– She requires high investment on her burst to start doing decent damage

– Outside of bosses, it’s really hard to justify using her since she loses a big chunk of her damage coming from the brand

– She needs fast reload compositions to shine and most of those units have already set teams for raids

Should you reroll for Trony?

No. She’s a literal mid unit, not bad, but no reason to pull for her either.

If you are keen on rerolling, consider checking our guides to see what are the units you should be aiming for.

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