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Published on: May 30, 2024

Last updated on: June 17, 2024

IMPORTANT: Before you read the guide

Collectible items’ rarity do not have anything to do with whom you can equip them into. R treasures can be used (and should) by SSR units, the only restriction it’s on the Favorite Items (more on that below).

Any questions you have, leave a comment, and we’ll get back to you bozos.

How to obtain Collectible Items

Collectible Items are obtainable right now through Solo Raid and Dispatch missions only. We might get packs in the shop in the future, but so far those are the only two options.

Should you refresh dispatch missions to obtain Collectible Items?

No. Unless you are a whale who was doing already perfect core dust refreshes is not worth it for the amount it costs.

Combining Collectible Items

You can combine collectible items on a 4:1 ratio, but I would not recommend doing this right now. The probability to get an SR doll it’s only 2.5% meaning you benefit more from basic stat increase with R dolls on your characters.

Limitations of Collectible Items

When you equip a Collectible Item, you cannot remove it. It’s forever on that NIKKE unless you upgrade the rarity.

How to level up Collectible Items

Important: Use maintenance items one at a time. You can get lucky and hit the super success, meaning you use only one item and go to the next phase automatically.

To level up Collectible and Favorite items, you need “maintenance kits” which you can obtain through the same means as the item themselves (Solo Raid and Dispatch missions).

Every 10 kits lets you level up aka “Maintain” the item with a possibility of phasing up (which is just a fancy term for level up). Collectibles can go from phase 0 to phase 15, increasing the raw stats and unlocking new skills, just like the Harmony Cubes.

Like we mentioned previously, the rarity of the item doesn’t have anything to do with who can use it. Any R collectible item can be used on any SSR unit (and you should never put them on R or SR units unless waifus).

After you reach Phase 15, you can transform the Collectible Item into a Favorite Item.

Favorite Items

Only a few NIKKEs can get Favorite Items (Shift Up is expanding this roster over time) after you get your Collectible Item to Phase 15 you will be able to transform it into a Favorite Item that will extend the character skills and stats.

Note that the character needs to be LB2 (3 copies in total), bond level 30 and the Collectible needs to be SR rarity for this option to be enabled. You also unlock new bond stories and a new lobby wallpaper for the character, which is pretty cool.

Priority for Collectible and Favorite Items

Until we properly test all characters with Favorite Items, I would suggest holding your Collectibles or using them on your meta DPS units (not supports) since they benefit more from the raw stat increase.

Favorite Item selection box

The Mileage shop got updated with both the NIKKEs now added into the silver mileage (nice) and also every new “season” you will be able to buy with gold tickets a selection box for spare bodies of that unit.

PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS. These units are not worth 200 gold mileage tickets, since that’s a guaranteed Pilgrim or Limited (collab or seasonal) character.

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