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Common terms for new NIKKE players



Published on: June 26, 2023

Last updated on: August 20, 2023

This is a guide with common terms to help new players understand the rest of the guides and content they might watch online about Goddess of Victory: NIKKE.

This will also be a heavy read to help players understand basic concepts on your journey as a new Commander.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Nikkes: The characters that you command, your waifus.

Raptures: The enemies of the game, for the most part, robots and corrupted Nikkes. 

Battle data set: One of the materials you can collect with your idle rewards and multiple missions on a daily basis. Used mostly to level up your Nikkes. 

Core dust: The second material you can collect and one of the most precious one even at end-game. 

This is the main resource you want to farm up in most events, challenge mode, and tribe tower in order to be prepared for level 200+.

Credits: Third and last resource you collect with your idle rewards, used to level up equipment, the tactic’s academy, purchase items in the shop and level up your Nikkes. 

Cover: Blue bar below your Nikkes health. Can be used to block attacks. 

  • On PC, you can press space to go into cover and press space again to get out of cover. 
  • On smartphones, you can tap the current Nikke you’re on to go into cover and tap the current Nikke again to get out of cover.

Burst: Refers to the gauge on the right that fills up when you shoot or get hit by raptures. 

Once the gauge fills up, you will get an icon that you can press or use keys (if on PC) to trigger the burst skill of your Nikkes. 

You need a burst 1, burst 2, and burst 3 Nikke in order to enter full burst and have a full rotation, if not it will be almost impossible to progress through the game

Full burst: After triggering your burst 3 Nikkes, you will enter a “full burst” mode, which gives the Nikkes different buffs and attacks depending on the units and composition you are currently using. 

Red circles: Also known as interruption parts, they appear on some bosses, hit them in order to prevent them from doing a special attack.

White circles: Do not hit white circles, they are there to bait you. You want to focus on only the red circles, otherwise your team will get punished

If you hit these circles in co-op, you will also get hate from your teammates if you are trying to push for higher scores.

Molds: Used to get a character (purely RNG on what rarity it is, unless it’s SSR guaranteed). Can come in three forms: mid quality, high quality and tower molds.

Mid quality molds can be obtained from the free weekly shop, free mission pass, and weeklies.

High quality molds can be obtained from buying the mission pass, completing some parts of the story (up to chapter 13), and spending body labels on the recycling shop.

You will get tower molds by progressing on that game mode, you can check our guide here.

  • Mid quality molds are purple and have a 21% chance of giving you a random SSR
  • High quality molds are golden and have a 61% chance of giving you a random SSR
  • Tower molds, also golden but for specific manufacturers, they have a 50% of giving you a random SSR

Spare bodies: They act as dupes of your Nikkes, can be obtained through recruit and molds.  

Synchro device: Located in the outpost, it allows you to share your 5 highest Nikkes level with other Nikkes that you place in the device. 

My recommendation for those who aren’t past the 160 wall is to level up 5 SR characters and put your best SSRs in the synchro machine until you get 5 3 star SSRs

This will ensure that you can still use your SSRs even if they are level capped. The synchro device is very crucial in making sure you don’t waste resources on other Nikkes when you are starting out. 

Limit break: Using dupes allows you to increase the level cap of your Nikkes (1-star goes from 80 to 120, 2-star goes from 120 to 160, 3-star goes from 160 to 200 and up). 

Limit breaking also gives some stat boosts.

The maximum you can limit break a Nikke is to +7, getting a 2% increase on stats every time you do so.

Custom Modules: Also known as “rocks”, used for overloading manufacturer gear and rerolling overloaded manufacturer gear stats. 

Overloading manufacturer gear is a crucial part in the endgame as it adds extra stats to your Nikkes which can transform a normal unit into a meta one.

You can read our guide on overload equipment here.

Cubes: Extra equipment you can swap between your Nikkes that you can unlock on the game mode Lost Sector.

Every character benefits from different cubes, so if you have any questions, check our characters guides to learn what’s best for your waifus.

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