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Published on: October 30, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

Let’s talk about the normal shop in NIKKE, what to buy, how to acquire the different currencies and most important, what to avoid so you can optimize your resources. As usual, remember that all our guides are made for people who want to optimize their accounts, and you should always play first to have fun.

Event / Time limited shops

What should you buy?

All events have a similar shop, and you should ALWAYS aim to clear them out when hardmode opens. After hardmode opens, don’t forget to buy the extra tries on the top left and farm core dust on the event itself, usually the stage 11.

If you buy all the extra tries, this allows you to clear the whole shop as long as you are using the NIKKE that give increased chance for event materials to drop.

General shop

What should you buy?

  • Free item on the left, duh
  • Discounted core dust (if you can buy with credits, never with gems)
  • Discounted battle data set (only if your NIKKE are level 300+ since you will start lacking more than just core dust)
  • Profile custom pack
  • General gifts (blue ones that cost 150k credits)

Union Shop

How to get currency?

By doing Union Raids. You can also obtain batteries for your cubes doing Solo Raid when it’s available. A lot of people ignore cubes and just buy dupes of their waifus in this shop, honestly your pick since cubes will naturally level up over time thanks to the Raids.

What should you buy?

  • Resilience batteries up until level 7 (you can go to level 8 if you want an extra slot on the cube)
  • Bastion batteries up until level 7 (you can go to level 8 if you want an extra slot on the cube)
  • After those 2 cubes are level 7/8, you can start building up the rest to the same level, order doesn’t really matter

Body Label Shop

How to get currency?

You obtain Body Labels by pulling on any banner every time you acquire a duplicate unit.

What should you buy?

  • If you are a F2P, only buy High-Quality Molds
  • If you want to optimize your account long term, buy discounted chips ONLY if it’s pilgrim (if you are light spender, you can buy all manufacturers discounted)

Arena Shop

How to get currency?

You get currency every day on your mail depending on your Arena rank and also every time you do PVP. This is probably the worst shop in the game right now in terms of what you can buy.

What should you buy?

  • Code Manuals. I usually stock up to 3,000 of each element and stop buying, feel free to experiment with that number
  • Profile custom pack

Mileage Shop

How to get currency?

Same as the body labels, you obtain tickets every time you pull. Silver tickets for normal banner and gold tickets for limited character pick up banners.

What should you buy?

  • Are you in the 160 wall? Dupes to get out of the wall
  • Are you past the 160 wall? Dupes for waifus and backgrounds
  • Save gold tickets only for pilgrims and limited characters

Coop Shop

How to get currency?

You can only obtain this currency when the coop events are available, make sure you do them always since it’s free extra resources.

What should you buy?

  • Everything
  • If you are lacking currency, you can ignore the SSR gifts

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