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Published on: June 18, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

It mostly spends its time hiding underground until it detects a large group of nearby passing Nikke, which then ambushes from below the surface.

As its name suggests, it has the appearance of a spider, and actively uses its long legs to attack.

Tips to beat Harvester

All versions of Harvester currently in the game share the same mechanics, with changes only affecting the HP of the breakable limbs, interruptible circles and the HP of the mobs that are summoned.

The entirety of the Harvester fight is based around how effectively you can control the battlefield.

The boss with continuously cycle through a series of attacks which will change later in the fight to become even more deadly, and summon reinforcements which are quite difficult to kill.

Harvester’s attack patterns:

  • Harvester will shoot out a barrage of fire targeting a single Nikke for low to moderate damage.
  • It will send out 8 bombs that are destructible and will deal moderate damage to a single Nikke.
  • Fire 6 lasers at a single Nikke dealing moderate damage
  • Fire a single concentrated beam, that deals heavy damage to a single Nikke.

Some attacks patterns can happen at the same time, like the bomb summoning with the barrage of lasers.

Both of the skills deal low to moderate damage, but the bombs are more significant and can be dealt with very easily. Bringing in a sustain healer will deal with the barrage of lasers without any issue.

Breaking the limbs deals ~10% of the bosses hp in damage, which might sound enticing to do as soon as possible, but doing so will trigger the boss to call in reinforcements and go into an enraged state.

In this state, the boss will deal much more damage and modifying some of its attacks. It is highly recommended to leave breaking the limbs to as near the end of the fight as you can.

Naturally, the AI controlled Nikke will break it over time themselves, but the closer to the end of the fight they do break, the less pain you’ll have to deal with.

After a certain amount of HP and whether you break any of the bosses limbs or not, it will get knocked down and cause the reinforcement phase to happen anyway. Definitely kill the reinforcements as soon as possible, they can be extremely annoying and are quite tough to kill.

The boss will additional attacks the further into the fight you are:

  • An additional attack where the boss will target a Nikke, lowering its hit rate.
  • It will do a charged up focus beam that targets all Nikke, this will instantly destroy the barrier and deal heavy damage to any Nikke hit.

Leaving the limbs to the last 20–30 bars will net you an almost guaranteed kill if they are not already broken, then it is just a small push to the finish line.

Recommended units

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