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How to play on Canada/Thailand server



Published on: April 4, 2024

Last updated on: May 8, 2024

IMPORTANT: The game is out already in global. You can download and play from anywhere 🙂

The Canadian and Thai versions of Solo Leveling: Arise are not restricted by location or IP, so you can play the game now and get a head start instead of waiting for the global version to come out.

Also, important to note, we still don’t have confirmation on whether the servers will be merged or be different ones for global and soft launch, so it’s up to you if you want to wait or play now.

You can find below information on how to play Solo Leveling: Arise on your PC, iOS and Android devices.

PC version

Option 1. Download game files

The easiest and best way to play the game in my opinion. You do not need a VPN since the game is just a unity game, meaning as long as you get the game files (maybe from sending a DM in discord since I don’t want my website taken down) you will be able to play without any issues.

Option 2. Download with a VPN

Pretty straightforward too, and there are a couple options for free VPN. Remember to delete them after you are done.

  • Download a VPN of your choice (I used TunnelBear, no promo link or anything)
  • Travel magically to Canada or Thailand, I recommend CA since I did not test the Thai version myself
  • Download the Netmarble launcher and use any method to log in. If you are in Canada, you should get a download button for Solo Leveling: Arise
  • Once it’s downloaded, you don’t need the VPN anymore. Uninstall that crap.
  • Make sure you open the game from the .exe directly (program files / netmarble / sololvl / .exe in there
  • Enjoy the game

Android version

This is even simpler than the PC version, you can use QooApp to download and update the game. I’ve been using this app for multiple Chinese games for a couple of years already, so I can vouch for them.

Download the QooApp .apk from their official website and log in with whatever method you prefer, from there you can use it as a secondary Google Play Store.

iOS version

I don’t recommend doing this, so proceed with caution.

You have to change the location of your device in order to be able to download Solo Leveling: Arise, and this will lock your account to that country for at least 1 year. So I would say don’t do this and just wait for global to come out.

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