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Interception Level D – Alteisen M.VI



Published on: March 10, 2023

Last updated on: March 4, 2024

Alteisen M.VI guide

Interception level D is unlocked upon completing Stage 3-9 in the Story. Completing battles in this interception will reward you with Tier 2~Tier 5 equipment pieces based on the stage completion.

There are 2 phases to the fight:

  • Phase 1 is the beginning of the fight up to when you destroy both the turrets at the back and middle of the train.
  • Phase 2 is after dealing enough damage to the train (~Tier 7 of the reward tiers worth of damage)

Phase 1:

Phase 1 in general is the longest portion of the fight, it is from the start as you are approaching the train (or it’s approaching you) up to however long it takes for you to kill the turrets, or die to them.

On Level D the turrets and Green missile barrage deal moderate to high damage, but can easily be managed by force covering units that are being targeted. You can force all units to take cover by using the set Hotkey (Spacebar is default on the PC client) or by simply changing to the unit who is targeted and not firing.

This entire phase is a damage check, if you have the damage to clear the turrets and push into the next phase, you can clear the rest of the encounter.

If you are having trouble with killing the Turrets, make sure to turn off auto burst and burst when the turrets are most available to be hit.

Phase 2:

If you got to this phase, then you are pretty much home free. There are two portions to this phase:

  1. Missiles summoned from the Train
  2. Red Circle Break

The Missiles are always summoned first, as soon as the last missile is fired, a red circle to break will appear a second after. The most important thing to do first, is break the circle.

Not doing so will cause the Train to do a followup slam attack into you, potentially killing units or ending the run. The slam also has a followup attack which will usually end the run if the slam doesn’t kill all your units.

These two attacks will repeat until you either run out of time, kill the boss, or lose all of your units.

This Interception is meant to be an early way to obtain equipments for your Nikke, so although it can pose a reasonable threat, it is also meant to be easily clearable.

Don’t worry too much about the units you can use here since it’s your first interception and most likely you have a limited selection of NIKKE anyway.

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