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Interception Level S – Grave Digger



Published on: March 14, 2023

Last updated on: March 4, 2024

Grave Digger Level S guide

Interception S unlocks after completing Stage 9-15 in the Campaign. Grave Digger is the only boss for this interception, and clearing it will reward you with Tier 4~7 equipment. Any drop in this interception better than a full clear of Interception level D.

However, if you are capable of hitting the Tier 8~9 rewards, any bonus reward you get is a guaranteed Manufactured equipment drop, a huge bonus for whatever unit it can be equipped to.

Don’t feel bad about not being able to full clear, progress is made over time. Whatever equipment you get will go a long way to making this and future interceptions easier.

Just like the Interception before this one, you should always be aiming for at least a score high enough to hit the 6th Tier of rewards, as it has the highest minimum chance to obtain manufactured equipment.

The encounter with Grave Digger can be challenging, as it is a boss that moves around the screen constantly, except the short phase changes. There are only two attacks during the entire fight.

  • Failing to break the red circles for 2 cycles will cause a heavy damaging attack that will break your shield and deal damage to your HP. The second fail is a wipe.
  • Every second cycle after the first in the fight will spawn “drills” that are low damage but stun any unit it hits directly. These drills will break easily with a burst, or multi hitting weapon. Shotguns struggle more to break them. After the second break on Grave Digger, he no longer spawns drills.

Here’s a video from Nero clearing Grave Digger with a shotgun team. If you want to see some team compositions, you have them at the end of the article.

Credits to Nero for the team (3 months ago)

We recommend using a mainly “Shotgun” team with a cooldown reduction unit, as Grave Digger’s general location is very close to the player throughout the fight.

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