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Published on: March 8, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024


Interception is a point based game mode where the player is tasked at doing a singular fight against a boss. Bosses has a static amount of HP, so any damage dealt to him will push the boss into different reward thresholds up to a maximum reward amount if you are capable of killing the boss within the time limit.

Interceptions have a limit of 3 runs per day, with the option to “Quick battle” if you are satisfied with the result of whatever run you completed. It will take the score you have completed a battle with and auto battle the fight instantly completing it and giving you the same score. Rewards given are the same odds and randomized.

If you are in an Interception battle and are unsatisfied with how your runs are going and want to change up your units or gear, you are unable to leave the battle within the menu. It will consume a run with whatever score you leave the battle with.

You are able to bypass this by force closing the game via the X button on the top right of the window (If you are playing on the PC client) or via closing the instance at the top tab of the window (If you are playing on an emulator) and re-open the game, not consuming a ticket and allowing you to modify whatever you want, before attempting the battle again. *This applies to all Interceptions and Union Raid.*

Interceptions are this game’s main way (currently) at obtaining gear for Nikke. It is extremely important that, if you are to do a minimum amount per day, that this is one of the game modes you should be completing.

Interception level D & S

Unlocked after clearing stage 3-9. You will be able to farm up to Tier 5 equipments from this boss.

You can find the guide on Alteisan MK.IV here

Unlocked after clearing stage 9-15. You will be able to farm up to Tier 7 equipments from this boss.

You can find the guide on Gravedigger here

Special Individual Interception

Currently, the hardest content in Nikke (not including Hard mode Campaign) you will unlock after clearing stage 16-28 in the main campaign.

While doing Special Interception, your Nikke are locked at level 200 (even if they are below or above level 200) Stats from gear and skill levels are still applied after the fact. So you will still notice a difference in power based on how much investment you have put into a unit.

This is currently the only way to farm Tier 8 and Tier 9 gear, except some campaign stages. As well as a unique item called “Modification gem” you can find information on its use here.

Special Interception has a new boss everyday on rotation, including stronger versions of bosses you are already accustomed to from previous interceptions. You can find out which boss is next in the rotation on the website.

You can also check our guides for every boss if you are having troubles with any of them.

Manufacturer Arms

A currency you get every day for doing your Special Interception. When you accumulate 200 pieces, you can obtain a random T9 manufacturer equipment piece.

If you are able to get Stage 9 every day, you’ll get a guaranteed T9 manufacturer every 3.3 days with this currency, you have below some math on how long it can take you depending on your current stages in Special Interception.

  • Clearing only Stage 18.33 days
  • Clearing only Stage 27.40 days
  • Clearing only Stage 36.66 days
  • Clearing only Stage 45.55 days
  • Clearing only Stage 55.12 days
  • Clearing only Stage 64.76 days
  • Clearing only Stage 74.16 days
  • Clearing only Stage 83.70 days
  • Clearing only Stage 93.33 days

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