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Land Eater



Published on: June 16, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

Due to its size, it’s said that it has almost no mobility, but it completely offsets the shortcomings of its mobility by being able to operate numerous built-in weapons.

Tips to beat Land Eater

Land Eater is a Tyrant class rapture boss that you will encounter in many areas of the game, some game modes will add additional mechanics or ways to vary the fight. This guide will be specifically for the main fight, noting the extra mechanics at the end.

The boss fight is split into two phases, none of which are very complicated or are difficult to deal with.

Phase 1:

This phase consists of multiple breakable parts, each of which deal a large amount of damage to the boss.

While you are destroying parts the boss will do the following:

  • The boss will summon low hp Bombs in multiple waves that target random Nikke
    • These bombs are very easy to kill with repeated gunfire or an AOE burst skill
  • The boss will do a blue projectile attack targeting one Nikke
    • This attack will kill a unit, especially the lower your CP is to the fight
    • The easiest way to avoid this is by iframing the attack, or absorbing the hit with damage reduction or a taunting nikke
    • Very recommended doing the latter, as Iframing can be a bit iffy if you mistime

Even after killing the bosses parts, it will not transition until the last action it started is completed. That could be one of the attacks above or a base attack, it must have also done all the attacks in the first phases moveset before transitioning.

Phase 2:

The most important thing about phase 2 is to not fail any of the Interruption circle prompts. Doing so will extend the fight, potentially leading to timing out or losing Nikke to damage.

If you are below the recommended power, this is even more difficult due to the damage dealt to interruption also scaling down.

  • The Interruption circles will always happen in pairs
    • Always make sure you have the damage to deal with both and expect 2 pairs to happen
    • Having burst for these will guarantee a break

The cores on the left and right are repeatedly breakable and count as core hits, so targeting those between interruption circle prompts for maximum damage is recommended.

If an interruption circle does not happen, the following attack will occur:

  • The boss will charge up and follow-up with a blue laser attack targeting a Nikke
    • The targeting indicator will appear as the boss charges up
    • Its face will also be covered in blue, indicating the attacking

Recommended units

If you need help with team compositions for any boss or specific stages in NIKKE, please join our Discord and feel free to ask there 🙂

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