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Liberation System



Published on: October 26, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

The Liberation System is a way to rehabilitate certain NIKKE and get them to join your team for free. You can check the available units and our reviews down below.

This system it’s always been somewhat controversial since it takes a long time to get these units, but we’ll talk about that later in the guide.

Where can I find the liberation game mode? 

You can find this game mode in the elevator in the outpost. You can also click the “NIKKE” tab in the lobby, then “liberation” to access it as well.

How do I get these liberation characters?

You have to do daily missions in order to get them, which often are related to your normal daily missions in NIKKE. Depending on the rarity of the mission, you can get 10, 20, or 30 point missions, and you are guaranteed 60 points per day if you reset missions.

You can use 50 gems to reset the missions once you complete them to see if you can get a higher rarity mission, but I would not recommend it since there’s no rush to get the characters.

There are some characters that could be justified to reset missions in order to get them, we will explain which ones on the reviews down below.

Who are the liberation characters?

So far, the liberation characters released are Sin, Guilty, Quency, and Nihilister. There will be more to come as the game keeps growing.

When can you unlock them?

You can unlock the first three once you have reached chapter 6, but you can only unlock Nihilister after beating chapter 20.

For the first three liberation units, they take about 3600 points to unlock and if you get 60 points every day, it should take around two months to get each one.

For Nihilister it’s a little different, as she will take 5400 points, which should take around three months to get her in total. This is all under the assumption that you don’t reset the missions to try to get bonus points. 

Are Liberation characters available in the standard pool?

No, they are not available in the standard pool. However, they are fully free to get if you make sure to do the liberation missions daily.

If we talk about dupes, you can get multiple copies by buying their body labels in the union shop. For more information about the union shop, check the union tab on our general shop guide.

Just a friendly reminder that getting all the Liberation characters to MLB (3 dupes + original copy) will take you literal years, so don’t be in a rush.

Which liberation unit is the best one?

The best first option out of the three initial girls you can unlock is, without a doubt, Guilty. She’s a really good DPS units in the Burst 2 category and one of the few Wind DPS units we currently have in the game at the time of writing this guide.

She duplicates the ATK or your highest DPS unit, while also buffing ATK and increasing the stack count for all your Wind type allies.

Used on a lot of content, she’s the best initial option unless you want to go for waifu first.

Nihilister is an underwhelming Burst 2 unit considering she is a Pilgrim. If you don’t have Crown, she allows a full rotation in the Pilgrim tower.

She provides okay-ish DPS with a high burst generation Sniper Rifle and… she doesn’t shut up while fighting, that can be a pro or a con depending on what you like.

A good “off tank” that can take quite a bit of hits while also healing, buffing ATK, critical damage and keeping herself alive thanks to Skill 1, which duplicates HP from your highest ATK unit to add to it to herself.

She also provides decent damage for an SMG user, but her biggest problem is that she’s a jack of all trades, master of none. The buffs % are not that good and lacks burst generation, making her a mid-unit compared to all the supporters in the Burst 2 category.

The last option, my favorite design and sadly, one of the worst options on the Liberation system currently.

Sin is a tank that will taunt the whole screen, with the caveat that she doesn’t have any good healing or survivability capabilities. This means her burst turns Sin into a suicide bomb, as she will not be able to keep herself alive.

She is still a good unit to bring to bosses if you don’t have other NIKKE, even if that makes her burst skill useless for bosses without adds.

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