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Material H



Published on: June 18, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

A large stationary Rapture resembling a factory machine. Material Heretic is said to be used in reviving newly created heretics.

Tips to beat Material H

Material H is first encountered a little more than halfway in the story (12-24 BOSS) but has been used in encounters in much more difficult content.

This guide will be used to cover the mechanics used in the boss fight, and is the same across all game modes (so far).

This boss is extremely difficulty to manage, this is one of the most punishing bosses when a CP deficit is involved. If you are playing on the PC version of the game, it is highly recommended to play with the Aim assist function on. (Sorry mobile gamers)

There are several factors that can change whether your Material H run will be a successful clear or not, and what pushes those odds against you is dependent on the following:

  • Your CP deficit to the encounter.
    • This seems like it would be obvious for all encounters in the game, but when it comes to a single encounter boss, with this much RNG.
    • The closer you are, the better, as it leads into the following points.
  • Turret spawns.
    • The turrets can spawn in several positions on the screen which can determine the amount of damage you take, how often the boss will heal itself and the mobs it spawns.
    • These can lead you to losing Nikke instantly, or taking so long to kill the boss and mobs that you time out.
  • Turret Targeting.
    • The most RNG part of the fight, like AI targeting in Nikke.
    • If the turret targets a position your Nikke were but not currently are at, it will hit nothing, allowing you for free damage and not having to worry about Nikke death.

All of the above factors have to line up even more the further away you are in CP.

End game content like Tribe Tower 150 and Union raid only make this more difficult by allowing the boss to scale into levels and HP so high that it’s 100% RNG on how well you do.

Material H attack patterns:

  • The boss will call in reinforcements for protection.
    • It is recommended that you kill the summoned mobs as soon as possible, as leaving them on the screen will cause trouble the longer they are around.
  • A small set of missiles will be fired targeting a single Nikke.
    • These do moderate damage but can be seen before they are sent and destroyed very easily.
  • Material H will summon a barrier to protect itself.
    • The barrier has fairly low HP and can also be pierced for damage.

One of the attack patterns is based on where Material H spawns the turrets or not:

  • If there are turrets spawn in between Material H and your Nikke, it will target a single unit and will fire until the turret either dies, kills the Nikke or the summon duration expires.
  • If the turrets spawn around Material H, it will still target a single Nikke except every hit it does on a Nikke will heal the boss and the mobs it summons.
    • Which is why we previously mentioned to kill all mobs that are spawned as soon as possible.
  • If the turret spawns the furthest back, these are not only the hardest to target and hit, but also the ones that deal the most damage.
    • If at any point a turret spawns there, it is almost guaranteed a Nikke death.

A lot of the RNG spent fighting this boss is based on the above, there are cases where a lot of clears are based around the following to occur:

  • A turret spawns in between Material H and your Nikke.
  • The turret targets nothing and continuously fires forever.

If the following happens, you are guaranteed damage for several seconds as you avoid all the damage, but the boss is stuck on this pattern till the summon expires.

If you are on the lower side of damage or facing a heavy CP deficit, then you will need for this to happen multiple times in a row. These are where most runs will either cause a reset or team death.

When Material H reaches critical HP < 40% HP, it will enrage and the following attacks will occur:

  • Material H will summon multiple waves of reinforcements, including suicide raptures to kill the player in a last ditch effort.
  • After the waves of reinforcements ends or they are killed, it will target all Nikke with a laser dealing heavy damage.

There is almost no surviving the laser if your Nikke are below 50% HP without damage reduction, shielding or constant healing.

The rest of the attacks will re-occur if you haven’t timed out or killed the boss.

Recommended units

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