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Published on: March 12, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

In the mileage shop you can use “Mileage” tickets obtained by pulling in the Ordinary Recruit Banner. The “Spare” body of Nikke can be bought to limit break those Nikke, helping to further increase their base stat and overall power.

Limited time banners have a seperate ticket type, as well as it’s own Mileage ticket called the “Golden Mileage ticket”

Both cases require 200 Mileage tickets in order to acquire the unit or a dupe. Golden mileage tickets will carry over from one limited time banner to the next. So if you decide you want to hold onto them to save for future units then by all means, you can do that.

As a F2P player, you will not be able to get 200 golden tickets for every new rate-up banner, in general it will take at least 2–3 months to accumulate enough resources to “pity” one unit with golden mileage.

We always recommend saving mileage for as long as you can until you absolutely need it. If you are on the casual side, low spender or free to play… the more you have to absolutely do this.

There are progression walls that require time and luck to eventually get by, including the need to have a full team of limit broken units.

However, the most important thing you can do is have fun when playing the game, so if you like a unit a ton, then by all means use your mileage on them!

Nikkes you can buy with silver mileage will rotate every day within a specific set of units, you can check them below 👇

9 comments on "Mileage Shop"

  1. Anonymous says:

    this is a very nice guide, but you should keep updating it.
    Kilo has been added a few weeks ago, but is not listed here (despite there beein an “updated” text right next to this guide)

    1. Sefhi says:

      Kilo is on the Missilis list, the guide was updated… yesterday I think?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Im confused at the decision to have Maxwell and Drake in the shop but Ommiting Laplace even though the three of them are a trio.

    1. Sefhi says:

      We are all confused as to why the shop isn’t updated even after anniversary, hopefully in the future we get new units

  3. Luxury says:

    Glad to see you updating these guides. I really like the website aesthetic and the polished looked. Looking forward to more from you Sefhi

  4. Daisies says:

    I think its pretty goofy Helm still isn’t in the mileage shop, how long ago was her banner? lol

    1. Sefhi says:

      Hopefully for anniversary they update the mileage shop yeah, it’s been a year with only Rei added

  5. Anonymous says:

    is Rei actually in the mileage shop?

    1. Sefhi says:

      She is! It’s the first character they add which is surprising lol

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