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Mother Whale



Published on: October 25, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

A colossal Tyrant tier rapture that can carry and summon many raptures.

Tips to beating Mother Whale

Mother Whale is the boss at the climax of Chapter 21 and is considered one of the โ€œWallโ€ bosses Nikke has to offer. She’s another boss that severely punishes players who are too far below the recommended CP deficit, forcing RNG to be the way you clear the boss.

There are some nuances for this boss that even at recommended CP levels it can be frustrating, hopefully this guide can help steer you in the right direction and allow you to progress into future chapters.

The pattern and attacks Mother Whale uses is fairly simple, but due to a specific mechanic can prove rather difficult if you are not prepared:

  1. The start of the fight begins with a barrage of missiles that target your Nikke at random, these missiles are easily breakable.
  2. The boss will then do a defensive roar that summons raptures, these raptures have fairly low HP and can be killed with most AOE burst skills.
  3. The boss will roar and fly over your Nikke causing a heavy gust of wind, this can easily be covered, so being aware of cover HP is important. This can also potentially kill your units if they are low HP.
  4. Mother Whale will summon a wave of Elite Raptures that have insane amounts of HP, These are not killable and will send out a barrage of attacks targeting random Nikke.

The main problems most players will have is dealing with the additional raptures summoned by Mother whale. Upon summoning the raptures, players will have a limited window of about 5 seconds to kill the raptures.

After this short window Mother Whale will perform a roar that buffs all the raptures currently on screen changing the damage they take to 1 and forcing a hit count amount to kill them.

The summoned raptures deal a lot of damage, despite having very little HP, and will kill units if left alive. After a short duration however, they will disappear and Mother Whale will continue with her rotation.

The buff granted by Mother Whale can be completely prevented if you can break the Core on its stomach, which is very well easier said than done, the core has a ton of HP and killing it will require a unit with insanely high damage.

If you are below the CP deficit, it is recommended to focus on breaking the summoning ports on both sides of the boss, they deal a good amount of damage to the boss and respawn.

What do we do about the summoned raptures?

There aren’t too many ways to deal with them, the lower CP you are, the harder it is. That is to say it is not impossible, but you are relying far too heavily on RNG to clear them out consistently.

The simplest way to deal with the summoned raptures is to save your burst for after the first attacks and to use your hardest hitting AOE burst for when the raptures show up on screen. Below we will list the units you can use for this.

Machine guns can also help with these raptures thanks to high ammo + fire of rate, but you will take some damage, which is still better than getting the whole team wiped out.

There is no adequate and easy way to deal with a full wave of damage, you are putting yourself at risk leaving any of them on the screen, try and RNG some and cover. This does put your cover more at risk to future mechanics.

Taunt can potentially save you from all summoned raptures, using units like Makima (If you summoned her during the Chainsaw man collaboration) Noah for invincibility for a few seconds and even Noise can protect you completely from both the waves of summoned raptures and the Elite raptures.

Recommended units

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This xxxxsucker i hate this xxxx boss fuxxing boss im stuck here even my cp is higher than the recommendation xxxx you!

  2. IdOnThAvEaUsE says:

    Whoever designed this boss… F you, bro. I’d love to see how you’ll be able to defeat this monstrosity with non-pilgrim units.

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