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New Player Progression – Tips and tricks



Published on: March 19, 2024

Last updated on: March 19, 2024


There is no perfect way to progress when it comes to how players will enjoy the game, however there are always ways to better your account and help you enjoy yourself at your pace when progressing through Nikke.

The tips below are generally for players who have just started the game up to around Chapters 18-20 in the normal story mode. Hard campaign progression guide will be available later. For those who want to push Hard campaign alongside the story when you can.

Hopefully by the end of the guide and by the time you reach synchro level 200 and complete chapter 20 you are knowledgeable enough to continue in the story and progress even further.

Some things to note:

  • Everyone’s account will be different, a lot of what makes the content easier or harder is based on what NIKKE you happen to pull.
  • The story is not scaled around specific units or compositions, don’t feel bad about not being able to clear something others were able to.

No matter the amount of time you’ve been playing, if you need help understanding team building basics and what to look out for when you want to build your own teams you can find a guide here.

We also have a tier-list of all available NIKKE here, as well as pages for every individual NIKKE for information and reviews.

  • Take the tier-list as the NIKKE’s overall capability in most PVE content, it is a fairly generalized opinion about where units are placed and how strong they are, but the list itself is in no way perfect and is bound to change over time.
  • Most units even from release are still usable in today’s meta (namely DPS units) with some exceptional units that haven’t been power crept from their roles at all (Liter is a good example)
  • If there is a unit that is your “Ideal type” or Waifu that you just happen to get at some point and don’t care how good or bad she is regardless of performance etc. Go ahead and use her or them.

Regardless of what is said in anything regards to the game, the most important thing is to play the game the way you enjoy it. This webpage and its writers are here to help guide you, but we can only do our best to help you find your way to enjoy yourself.

Steps for progression

  1. Are you rerolling? If Yes → Take into account the notes above, spend however long you wish to get the units you want/like and start the game.
    • Rerolling is generally the way players get a head start on their progression, if you are looking for a rerolling guide, make use of the tier list on the website and check out our rerolling guide here.
    • It takes ~15 minutes per reroll and the first SSR you obtain is guaranteed. Rerolling during major events like Anniversary or half anniversary where players are gifted free pulls are the best, but NIKKE has the benefit of rerolling not taking too long.
    • If you don’t get anything you want, reset and repeat.
  2. Story Progression is very important to overall account progression, the “Outpost defense” shown on the main lobby screen is the “Idle” portion of NIKKE that accumulates over time, stacking resources and gear paramount to the progression of your account.
  1. Pushing as far as you can is the goal from the start, the “Recommended” team power is a measure of how much extra damage and how much less damage you take and will deal to the enemy, the further you are, the higher that amount scales.
  2. Not being intimidated by that number and just trying to attempt levels below power will help you get comfortable with how low you can be before content becomes overwhelming.
Image was taken in Hard mode campaign, where is normal at this point in the game where most players are always on a combat power deficit

Things to look out for when pushing Normal Story mode

Be wary of the “Clear info” section of the story node. This section lists out previous clears of players and their teams. This can be a bit discouraging to new players especially if they don’t have those units. There is no one way to clear a level and no team is always perfect, so keep trying!

  1. Make use of the “Temporary Participation” Function!! It is really OP for newer players. This is a blessing as well as a curse, but it will speed up progression in the story significantly.
    • It allows you to pick out of 3 units that are sync’d to level 200 and will allow you to use them 3 times in different game modes each. These repeat every reset, so you can make use of them every day for stages you are having troubles with.
    • This function is outright overpowered if the unit’s that are included in the temporary participation are really strong, realistically a single Burst 3 DPS unit (that is good) will carry you alone.
    • We recommend using this function sparingly on either the level you can’t complete at the end of your playtime so that it pushes you just slightly forward.

The implementation of this function is fantastic for new players, allowing you to fill the gap with potentially overpowered NIKKE on a rotational and daily reset basis.

What do I do with all these gems and achievement rewards?

  • Keep a lookout on future event’s and potentially major banners coming out in the future, could be anniversary or a limited unit coming out (seasonal or collaboration)
  • If there is a temporary banner currently going on, lookout for reviews on the unit on the website or in the discord. Our advice on whether a unit is worth pulling will be somewhere present for people to see, especially after testing the unit ourselves.

Don’t be afraid of investing resources into characters, resetting everything off a unit except skill manuals is extremely cheap and easily accessible. If you pull an SSR and are not sure whether she is worth the investment, you can look at the character page on the website for more details.


  1. Reroll for characters you are looking for… or don’t.
  2. Push story and any game modes you have access to as far as you can.
  3. Invest into your team if you think you can go further
  4. Make use of the Temporary Participation function in difficult instances.
  5. Close the game, IDLE and come back later (or the next day)
  6. Repeat and enjoy your game!

If you have any questions about the game, make sure to join the discord from the link below and ask around there or leave a comment here and we’ll get back to you whenever we can.

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  1. CHAOTICS says:

    Thank you so much! I’ll check out the discord when I’m not busy!

    1. Sefhi says:

      Always been, feel free to join our discord lol.

      You can probably replace Mihara with Laplace and you need a burst 2 for full rotations, replace Ether with Centi

      N102 – centi – vesti – laplace – rapi will do for now since you don’t have a lot of units

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