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NIKKE Interactive Map



Published on: August 19, 2023

Last updated on: July 7, 2024

THE MAP IS NO LONGER UPDATED AFTER CHAPTER 28. I don’t have a way of getting pictures of the whole map, so if you can get them and want me to keep updating the map, feel free to DM me on discord (sefhi).

3 comments on "NIKKE Interactive Map"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I dont have discord to dm you but the top right relic on chapter 17 is in the wrong location on your map. The relic is actually to the left near the trees.

    1. Sefhi says:

      Updating it rn, should be up in a few minutes 🙂

  2. viperkiller4u says:

    hope there is a hard mode one soon

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