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Published on: August 6, 2023

Last updated on: November 23, 2023

Nikke PvP pits teams you and your fellow commanders created against each other for entertainment of onlookers in the Arena. 

In this guide we will be going over team compositions, how your Nikkes choose targets and the skill / bursts you need on your teams.

This guide is made as a first step for people to understand basic concepts in PvP so they can start making their own teams.

Team composition

For team compositions in PvP there are 3 things that you need; burst speed, survivability, and Skills/burst that have synergy between them.

Let’s go one by one.


Burst speed can mean the difference of winning a match or losing, in most cases you want your team’s burst to happen before your opponents. 

Example of Nikkes with the strongest burst speed:

Reason why they are some of the strongest bursting Nikkes is because of how they reload their weapons.

A Nikke with a Segmented reload builds up burst faster than a Nikke which reloads the full bar in one go.

Another reason to add on top of the reload is the spread of damage, Nikkes in Arena are considered to be shooting at their optimal range

This means shotguns will hit with all their pellets fired, submachine gun/Sniper Nikkes have no damage fall off. 

Area damaging Nikkes like your Rocket Launchers and weapons with pierce attacks (example Harran, Nihilister, Alice) also give more burst speed generation by simply hitting more things per shot.

In order from best to worse when it comes to weapon type burst speed:

  1. Rocket Launchers/Shotguns with segmented reload
  1. Rocket Launchers/Shotguns with a full reload
  1. Weapons with pierce that are not Rocket Launchers/Shotguns
  1. Submachine guns
  1. Machine Guns


You don’t want your team to die before they can deal damage to the enemy team. A good Example of skills and burst skill to have in Arena is what Noise has.

Skill 1: Chorus
■ Activates when attacked 20 time(s). Affects all allies.
Damage taken ▼ 10.66% for 20 sec.
Skill 2: Sing Together
■ Affects the target(s) when attacking with full charge.
Taunt for 2 sec.
■ Affects self.
Max HP ▲ 15.16% for 5 sec.
Burst Skill: Energetic Noise
Active- Cooldown 40.00S
■ Affects all allies.
Constantly recovers caster’s 2.47% of caster’s Maximum HP every 1 sec for 10 sec.
Maximum HP ▲ 49.5% for 10 sec.

Each skill helps keeping the team alive. Reducing damage taken for the whole team can help with handling AOE attacks, Taunt can just draw attacks off your low health Nikke, and a burst that heals your team. 

Another skill that does well with keeping your Nikkes alive, but has the added bonus of giving offense to the team is Poli’s burst skill which gives defense and attack.

Burst Skill: Poli’s Defense Line
Active – Cooldown 40.00S
■ Affects all allies.
Gain a shield equal to 22.27% of the caster’s Maximum HP for 10 sec.
ATK ▲ 44.55% for 10 sec.

Most teams you make will need to be able to either have strong burst speed, and/or have the ability to synergize with each other’s skills. 

Example would be Emma’s Skill 1 Healing with Nero’s skill 1 for damage reduction.

How your Nikkes Choose targets

The simple answer to targeting is each Nikke starts on either end of the enemy team and works their way to the other end. 

The depth answer to targeting, is they start on either end with (from my own experience) 2 of the 5 Nikkes targeting position 5, with the other ones targeting position 1. Example on what each position is in the picture numbered from 1 to 5.

Nikke will check if the enemy is out of cover or hiding behind it. If they see a target that is out of cover, they will attack. 

If they snap fire which Snipers and Rocket Launchers do they will stop targeting them and move onto the next Nikke in line since in that brief moment their target hid from them.

An example would be, if you have a full team of Rocket Launchers but one of your Nikkes is a Machine gunner she will at some point get all the focus fire, as she stays out of cover for a long time

The only time they would stop targeting is once she reloads behind cover, causing the enemy to move to the next target.

And those are the basics for PvP in NIKKE.

Once again, this guide is intended as a first step for new players to understand mechanics so they can start to build their own teams.

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