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Published on: March 29, 2024

Last updated on: April 6, 2024

Before you reroll

Rerolling helps with early progress in gacha games for min maxers or to get the character you like the most, guaranteed, without waiting for (potentially) months.

In the case of Solo Leveling: Arise there are two objectives to reroll: get a good hunter to help you and a good weapon for Jinwoo. The difference between SR and SSR weapons it’s too big to ignore, making them quite important for progress under combat power deficit.

Character reroll

Important: The first rate up banner was Choi Jong-In, a really strong fire DPS hunter. When his banner is gone, just refer to our tier list to see if the current character is worth rerolling for, or you should stick with the Selection Draw.

In my opinion, if you are looking for a strong hunter to help you at the start of the game, there are 3 units that excel compared to the rest:

  • Choi Jong-In is the strongest DPS in the game hands down. His ability to reset both skills every time you use your ultimate. You can also get his weapon for free if you started playing on release thanks to the dice event.
  • Emma Laurent is tied with Choi for the first spot of best unit in the game. She has less DPS (not by a lot) but provides break on every single skill, including her basic attack. She’s also pretty cute.
  • Seo Jiwoo is on a weird spot. She deals less DPS than the 2 fire powerhouses but can constantly spam her abilities to break boss shields faster than anyone else.

If you like another SSR unit, you can check our character reviews and decide if they are worth for you or not. That said about hunters, let’s move into weapons.

Weapon reroll

After you settle on a hunter to reroll for, you should also decide what weapon you want to use. Any SSR weapon it’s better than SR and R rarity ones, so no matter your choice, you should be good.

That said… there are some clear winners. The Dark scythe is good since you get 2 copies for free with the beginner challenges, and getting an A3 weapon it’s a huge boost to your damage.

  • Orb of Avarice, West Wind and Kasaka’s Vernon Fang are one of the strongest SR weapons and my favorites, there are a couple more, check our tier list for that.
  • Plum sword is the highest damage output in the game by far but can fall off on levels where enemies have dark resistance
  • Don’t reroll for Scythe since we get 2 copies for free, but it’s still a pretty strong weapon to get and level up
  • Longsword allows you to parry and deal AoE damage, super strong but wind is an element you barely see during campaign right now
  • Lastly, The Huntsman it’s an amazing pistol and similar to the plum will carry you on everything unless enemies have resistance to light

All that said, those are my recommendations but feel free to reroll for what YOU like, since games are made to have fun, not to try to optimize every little aspect they have.

10 comments on "Reroll Guide"

  1. Judeez says:

    I Just started today and got Seo Jiwoo and the Tiger guy on my first 10 pulls, shall I bind my account?

  2. Gustavo says:

    I spun more special summons, but I can’t equip the characters or the scythe I got in the spin

  3. Anonymous says:

    I got min gyu and Emma for reroll should i continue..?

  4. Shuu says:

    On the reroll I got Lim Tae Gyu, Demonic Plum, and the Huntsman. I don’t know what I should get. Can I ask for some suggestions?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I got choi and demon king’s longsword. Should I bind my account or reroll?

  6. Zlucha says:

    this doesnt show how to reroll exactly just what to go for.
    Could you please update the guide to reroll on pc

    1. Sefhi says:

      Sure thing! I’ll add reroll methods at the top later today

  7. Hostile Bunny says:

    Thanks, I appreciate the reply a lot.

  8. Hostile Bunny says:

    Hey I have an account with Emma Laurent and Nam Chae Young. And another account with Demonic plum flower sword and Hwang Dongsoo.

    Which account should I pursue?

    1. Sefhi says:

      I would personally get the account with Emma since she is broken and Nam will cover your needs for water content

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