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Published on: June 26, 2024

Last updated on: June 26, 2024

Reroll units for Trickcal RE:VIVE

As usual, rerolling takes time, and it’s not something 99% of players will take advantage of, but if you’re looking what’s the best unit to reroll for, there are multiple options.

We get 3 SSR units for free, two of them being Pilgrims (they have another name but not sure what the translation is, think of them as the most rare units to get in the game with lower % in the gacha).

Trickcal RE:VIVE it’s a game that focuses heavily on elemental content, so honestly it doesn’t matter what units you get. Focus on getting characters you like in the same element (4 if possible, 2 it’s fine to begin the game).

If you are planning on rerolling, I would recommend going for Erpin in 1 multi, then rolling whatever you get in the beginner banner since you can guarantee Vivi on the 4th day.

Free unit

In the KR version Meluna was free for everyone, so I’m going to assume the same treatment when global comes out (surely soon… right?)

Beginner banner & day 4 selector

We get a discounted beginner banner (700 gems instead of 1,000) that guarantees a character on the last multi (you can get more previously, and it will not close the banner) and a selector with the same character pool on the 4th day.

The banner and selector include 5 units and there’s only one good recommendation here, Vivi. She’s the strongest character in the game until half anniversary when she gets company with Renewa. Not selecting her here or on the day 4 selector will really hurt your account.

If you got her on the beginner banner, feel free to pick the character you like the most in the selector, do not go for a Vivi dupe since early on it’s better to increase your roster.

Rate up banner

If the schedule follows the KR server, Erpin should be the first banner which pairs perfectly with Vivi. I would recommend rerolling for her 100% so you get a good starting account with both plant characters.

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