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Published on: May 3, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

Before you reroll

You decided to start playing NIKKE and, like the degenerate you are, you want to reroll for the best units in the game, who should you aim for?

Even if personally I don’t like rerolling, I understand for F2P players it is a good strategy to have a good start at the expense of extra time doing the tutorial and initial pulls.

If you want to reroll for waifu, I can’t help you there, whatever you pick is a good option. If you want to reroll for meta, I would recommend going for a combination of Burst I and Burst III units, getting a good combination of support and DPS for an easier start on the game.

There are multiple combinations you can mix and match between the top units, so we’ll recommend a couple from every Burst and you can decide which one is better for you.

Also consider only going for 1 of the units if you don’t want to spend days rerolling instead of a combination of the units shown below, that’s completely fine.

Recommended units to reroll for

When the game released, there was only one unit in this tier worth rerolling for, Liter.

After the half anniversary, we now also have Dorothy, a support that, instead of supporting, destroys all enemies on screen.

Liter is the best support unit you can get, she’ll buff your team and also repair their cover, while Dorothy is a unit that can carry you and help your team destroy everything.

Recently we got D: Killer Wife in the game, and she’s competing that spot of the best support, even if she focuses on Sniper Rifles she can be used on all teams thanks to her amazing CDR.

I don’t recommend rerolling for burst 2 units unless we’re talking about Crown. She can transform a lot of the trash units you get early on into usable DPS thanks to her buffs.

Most of the good supports are all Burst 1 since they also provide CDR and the best DPS units are all burst 3, making this slot a little more complicated.

Not counting Naga and Blanc there are no good options and that would mean rerolling for 2 characters instead of one since you need to get the duo.

We get into the most debated tier because waifus and meta combined makes for a toxic environment, so I’ll just leave here the best DPS units in the game. 

Most of them are Pilgrims, so i you decide to reroll for them, it’s going to take more time.

Scarlet has a wide screen burst ultimate and Modernia will go brrrr, there’s no “better” option here (don’t tell anyone, but Scarlet is the best waifu).

Red Hood and Scarlet: Black Shadow are the strongest DPS units in the game, and they will carry you in absolutely every type of content available.

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