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Simulation Room: Overclock Mode



Published on: January 27, 2024

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

A Combat training program to combat the A.I. The created gods are omnipotent.

About Overclock mode

Disclaimer: The guide written here is based on the “Beta” version released from 01/15/24-01/28/24. When the official version of the game mode is released, we will update this guide with all changes.

For more basic information about Simulation room, you can refer to our guide here.

Overclock Mode for Simulation room is a currently an “In Beta” phase event game mode that challenges players with some very challenging encounters but with a potentially greater reward at the end if you are able to clear all the stages.

The game mode presents a player risk vs reward style difficulty allowing the players to challenge stages that are modified based on their choices.

Worry not though, if you fail you can exit and re-challenge as many times as you want in the event period in hopes of claiming the highest possible rewards for yourself.

A requirement to access Overclock mode is to be able to fully clear Simulation 5-C

The game mode is challenging and is definitely catered towards the mid to end game player base, If you are capable of clearing Stage 5-C with no issues, then you should be able to take on Overclock mode.

The difficulties in the game mode currently go by the name “Ratio” and is a number scaled upwards based on how many enemy/negative player modifiers you decide to add and scales up to Ratio 50. The difference in overall recommended minimum power from Ratio 1 (~147k) to Ratio 50 (~950k) is enormous and only the strongest of players with extremely high synchro levels will be able to challenge Ratio 50.

The rewards currently cap out at Ratio 25 so going higher then that is strictly to challenge your roster and for bragging rights (not that it applies to most people) There are no leaderboards or anything, so going higher is really just for fun.

Bios Settings

Before attempting any stages, you are required to modify your game’s Bio settings by adding (or removing) options that make the encounters more difficult.

The Base difficulty at Ratio 1 is a bit higher in difficulty to Stage 5-C in the normal Simulation room game mode.

There is one major difference for Ratio 1 (and above) difficulty, and it is that your units are all equalized to level 400. Meaning that if you are lower then you are bolstered up, and if you are higher then you are lowered.

Having an equalized level means that a majority of your team’s power will come from things like Gear level and overloaded equipment, limit breaks and core levels as well as the bonus stat from affection level and recycling buffs.

This is currently the only Ratio setting (1) that cannot be changed and will probably remain a static modifier when the game mode officially releases.

In general the first 20 or so expected Ratios should be fairly accessible and completable (probably not for people fresh out of completing 5-C) but for players who have been clearing for a while. The difficulty spikes quite a lot going from 21-25 however due to the limitations, selections will vary from account to account. But we can point out some to be wary of and others that everyone should take.

Recommended Core Ratios

Code Fix 1: This is the only other Ratio +1 in the list that is a freely accessible one for all players. As long as you aren’t somehow using a full team weak to Iron..

Enemy Armor Up IV: Enemy defense scaling is negligible due to the attack scaling our NIKKE get, extremely easy +4

Memory Loss + No Recycling: Most people will look at this and assume that taking these is terrible and will effect your team a lot when in reality that really isn’t the case. The actual stat you get the further you are into the game is negligible and easily ignored. These are extremely free +2’s and although earlier on stats do matter, there are way more difficult selections then these two.

Hug Me I + Twinkle Twinkle I: These two modifiers add in Raptures that jump at you and blow up (potentially killing multiple NIKKE) and others that heal enemy raptures currently on the field. Depending on if you have the modifiers for Attack and HP will either make these negligible and easy to manage or quite difficult. Most players should not have an issue with this however.

Core Ratio’s that should be considered more based on your experience and account progress:

Enemy Weapon Up (I-IV): The level of this Core should really be a personal choice, for those of you who are used to the difficult scaling of Hard campaign can understand that enemy Rapture damage scales exponentially with the CP deficit, damage can go from doing some damage to instantly killing a NIKKE really quick. How much damage you think you can take will determine the level of this core for you.

Enemy Vitals UP (I-IV): Same as Enemy weapon up, the choice here is really dependent on where you are comfortable, the enemy rapture HP scaling is pretty high as well and could cause problems with other cores if you decided to take them. If you are on the newer account side or your units have less overall investment, you can either settle with a lower level or not taking this at all.

Core Ratio’s that you should be weary of or cautious with:

Rush Hour (I-III): This core will vary in level based on the overall attack strength of the squads you are using. If you are comfortably clearing floors with no issues then you should not have too much issue on higher difficulties with the maximum level. 30% less time is an entire minute off of the base timer, so you’ll have to experiment with your teams and see how much time you’ll actually need. The boss stage with less time is actually quite scary, so be wary of that since it has a crazy amount of HP.

Whale Hunting: If you have no completed chapter 21 then you have not fought Mother Whale, a tyrant level boss will appear from the sky and you are given 3 interruption circles to break, not doing so will result in taking extremely heavy damage. This can be tanked with cover but will break cover instantly, Nikke without cover and a shield will die pretty much guaranteed. The interruption circles scale with mob HP so the harder you make the simulation the more difficult breaking the circles will be. This is more annoying then difficult but you can work around this.

Aggressive Tactics: If you have been clearing Elite only stages in previous Simulation room runs then this will not be a huge surprise, however due to the other ways enemies scale this can either be fairly normal or extremely challenging. You are rewarded with stronger buffs however, so you’ll have to decide how difficult you can handle because this makes the entirety of the Sim room more difficult.

Relevant Personnel Only: This Core will spawn a single stage ELITE floor just before the boss stage, this floor is much more difficult then every other stage before it and scales with other modifiers you include. If you are having trouble without Aggressive tactics included then avoid this stage, it can be extremely challenging but guaranteed a high tier buff if you are able to complete it.

Core Ratio’s that just suck and can be ignored:

Vacation Order (I-II): This core ration essentially limits the NIKKE you can use. This specific change targets meta NIKKE and can make team building especially for newer or lower NIKKE amount accounts have way more trouble.

  • Vacation Order I targets Burst 1 SMG users – Restricting units like Liter and Volume
  • Vacation Order II targets Burst 2 AR uers – Restricting units like Blanc

There is a possibility that the units that this Core ratio restricts will change, be sure to check in for changes that occur so that you are ready and prepared.

Targeting these two units removes some of the strongest buffers in the game, restricting certain meta teams. If your roster is built well overall, then taking this should not effect you that much. However for weaker rosters this could make or break runs. Easier to avoid then to potentially cause trouble for future runs.

Stopwatch Burst (I-II): This is not as restrictive unit wise, but it makes your burst timers more awkward without being able to reduce the cooldown. The limitation in place is that whichever one you take (and you should only take one) is that you are forced to use either 2 burst I’s or 2 burst II’s. Making team compositions way more awkward or substantially weaker. You absolutely can work around this, but it is more hassle then worth.

Code Fix II: This Core Ratio does the same as the level 1 of the Core however it restricts the damage taken by these raptures to only be from the elemental Code that deals bonus damage to it, in this case being Wind Code. If you do not have invested Wind Code units (there aren’t many good ones) then taking this will only make your run a nightmare to deal with.

If you do decide to use this Core Ratio here are some units you can use:

An almost pure meta team with Scarlet: Black Shadow as the anchor for the team. If you do not have a high invested Scarlet, then you probably will not be able to clear with this Core ratio at all. The last slot is whoever you can fit (D, Pepper)

Hug Me II + Twinkle Twinkle II: Following the trend from above, the summoned units are specific to Iron Code and can only be damaged by the opposing stronger elemental code. This is less restrictive but it is a hard requirement to have a Wind Code NIKKE on the team.

Things to remember when selecting the right Core Ratio’s for you:

  1. All Core ratio’s scale globally with other modifiers
  2. Experiment and try runs to limit test your roster, you have an infinite number of tries.
  3. The recommended power number is deceiving, your roster is a lot stronger then they make you believe, so even if the number seems unreasonable try to fight it out.
  4. Make use of the legacy buffs during the duration of the event, they will add a huge amount of power to your roster.

Legacy buffs are important

For those who are more unaware of what legacy buffs are or are used to skipping the screens at the end of your daily Sim room 5-C dailies. Legacy buffs are lingering selectable buffs that you can choose at the end of your Sim room dailies, these buffs will last until the next weekly reset and help make your subsequent Sim room runs easier.

If you have no been choosing the right ones for you or choosing them at all, making use of them for Overlock mode is extremely helpful (although not mandatory) and will help you clear if you are having trouble. There is a maximum amount of buffs allowed per week, but you can choose and replace ones you do have.

The buff level correlates to how many of the same type of buff you have, matching them does help and will enhance the power you get but is helpful enough to make your runs a bit easier.

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