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Solo Raid



Published on: April 27, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

Solo Raid is a new game mode added after the half anniversary for Nikke where you can earn gems and exclusive avatar frames by killing a boss.

It works similar to Union Raid, but has enough differences that we need to write a separate guide.

Every Solo Raid season will have a different boss, so you can go check our guides for recommended units, strategies and more.

How does Solo Raid work?

Solo Raid consist of the same boss on two different modes, Normal and Challenge.

When you clear stages, you will receive random batteries to level up your cubes and an extra first time clear reward for every level.

Normal Raid

  • 7 levels of increasing difficulty
  • You get 3 entries per day
  • Every entry allows you to fight a boss with 5 different teams
    • You can’t reuse units between teams
  • You can quick battle the levels you’ve previously cleared
  • If you cannot kill the boss, you will lose your attempt and the damage will reset

Challenge Raid

  • Same mechanics as Normal Raid, much harder
  • Nikkes are all synched to level 400
  • To unlock this mode, you need to beat the 7 difficulties of Normal Raid


Ranking is based on damage dealt on bosses.

For example, if 2 people clear the level 7 boss, the one who clears first will get rank 1.

You can check every few minutes to see the ranking update “live”, and the rewards will be distributed via mail after the current Solo Raid has finished.

Ranking on the challenge mode is based on who can deal more damage, since it’s almost impossible that two different accounts deal the same amount.

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