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Special Individual Interception: Alteisen MK.VI



Published on: March 19, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

A runaway train that is occupied by Raptures. It’s loaded to the teeth, so watch your back, particularly for the main particle cannon.

Alteisen MK.VI guide

All the mechanics for this fight are exactly the same as the Level D version of the game, if you are looking for basic tips, then please check out the page here.

This guide will be covering how to handle the Special Individual Interception version of Alteisen Mark VI which, compared to the level D version, is the hardest Special interception to the majority of players.

The damage being dealt to players is pretty much lethal at all points of the fight, and will require a lot of damage and a bit of luck to get a clear in this encounter.

There are generally 3 ways to land a decent tier of rewards (Tier 6 or above)

  1. Use the taunt provided by units like Noise and Makima to “Cheese” the 16 missile barrage that Alteisen will do, and have your other units deal damage during this.
  2. Use units like Snow White (burst), Red Hood or Alice to deal lethal damage to the turrets, and deal with the missile barrage using Noise or Makima.
    • There are strats (shown below) of using Snow white (and Maxwell) to chip away intervals of HP from Alteisen to eventually kill it, bypassing the entire second phase.
    • This strat requires quite a bit of investment, but can make the fight easier for quite a few players.
  3. Have enough damage to kill everything before they hit you (this is definitely not a viable strat and won’t be for a long time).
    • Most players will not have the gear and or luck early on to do this.

All the strats above have videos showing how the strategies work and will be provided below.

Why exactly are Noise and Makima good for this fight?

The way targeting in Nikke works is a little odd, your units are in 2 different positions. Firing mode and Covered, enemies target and fire at only one of those positions. So changing the position at the right time will i-Frame the attack. The iframe will only negate the attacks that target a position that have already been fired.

So if projectiles are fired slowly, you have to reposition at the right moments based on the position you were in when they were fired. Noise is the easier of the two to manage, due to the nature of her weapon and how to proc the taunt.

Noise needs to release a fully charged launcher attack to taunt, and will trigger 100% of the time you full charge, so maintaining her taunt is much easier. If Noise is hit, however, she has no way of staying alive.

Makima triggers her taunt based on a specific amount of bullets fired. This makes her taunt much more unreliable to trigger, especially on auto.

However, good manual play can offset this a bit. Makima has a 7-second invincibility to stay alive to soak all the hits from the turret, giving you a short window to destroy all the turrets and missile launcher.

Both Noise and Makima require some form of manual play to get a more optimal result, if you have enough damage, you can leave Makima on auto and focus on controlling your DPS units.

Example runs

Credits to W hiteday a nice DPS Strat using Makima
Credits to Dwi Bagas Iyantoro showcasing a Snow White strat with Noise
Credits to HMA for having the best Alice + Maxwell i’ve ever seen
Credits to SquishyRollingPanda

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