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Special Individual Interception: Chatterbox



Published on: March 20, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

“It thinks like a human and talks like a human. It’s existence itself is a riddle wrapped within a mystery, as next to nothing is known about it.”

Chatterbox tips and tricks

Chatterbox is one of 5 Special Individual interception encounters and is arguably one of the earliest ones most players should be able to achieve a full clear on.

His overall mechanics are very simple, but can be deadly if not dealt with properly.

Like all Special individual interceptions, all units are sync’d to level 200 and can be cleared with the right units, play and enough investment.

  1. Breaking parts in Special interception does not deal bonus damage to the boss, however breaking the missile launchers on Chatterbox’s back will help heavily negate damage being dealt over the course of the fight to your team.
  2. Do not break Chatterbox’s core, unless you are capable of killing him right afterward.
    • Doing so will cause Chatterbox to enter an enraged state, causing his next leaps to deal massive AOE attacks hitting all of your Nikke either killing them instantly or leaving them off with very little HP. More than one of these attacks guarantees a wipe.
  3. The missiles being fired from Chatterbox’s Missile launchers are launched from a set position, so if you can figure out where that is, you can pre aim to break them as they come out.
  4. Chatterbox’s missiles are actually heavily reliant on framerate, the more smooth your game, the faster they actually fire at you (the amount of missiles fired is a fixed amount).
    • If you used to play on an emulator with decent FPS and now play on higher FPS due to optimization of the PC client, the Missiles come out way quicker.

Unit recommendations

There are a multitude of ways and units you can use to help you full clear this Special Individual interception. Here is a list of recommended units you can absolutely use to clear:

Example runs

Credits to A BBCCC Same team I use, different burst order.
Credits to Violet – Who says you need Liter, Centi and Pilgrims?
Credits to HMA – Yes Alice can work here too.

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