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Special Individual Interception: Grave Digger



Published on: March 19, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

A monster who rules the underground world. The Momentum of it’s giant drill must be stopped.

Grave Digger guide

There are no major differences between the Level S version and Special Interceptions for Gravedigger. If you would like general tips on how the fight works, please see here for the Level S version.

The main things to remember about Grave Digger are the following:

  • Failing to break the red circles for 2 cycles will cause a heavy damaging attack that will break your shield and deal heavy damage to your HP.
    • This has potential to kill Water Nikkes (Viper for example) if they are not limit broken and have a decent chest piece. The second fail is a guaranteed team wipe.
  • Every second set of circles to break will spawn 2 drills that will randomly target one of your units, the drills in this version of the interception deal more damage and stun.
    • If any unit gets hit, whether on their cover or direct damage to their hp, they are prone to dying to the bosses charge.
    • If you are not consistently breaking the circles to prevent a single charge, you will have to reset.
  • From stage 7 onwards, Grave Digger will enter it’s last phase changing the QTE circles.
    • You can only miss 1 set of red circles now instead of 2
    • The heavy attack he does from stage 7 until you finish the fight will most likely one-shot you unless your team is fully invested (OL gear and skills maxed out).

Priority should always be to destroy the drills first before breaking the circle. Every drill spawn should line up with your burst so that they break instantly, and you have time to break the circles.

It is more than likely that you will tank at least 1 drill attack, unless your damage is consistently high for most of the fight.

Example runs

Recorded 03/14/2023 – Pre BowWow Patch by me
Credits to Tenka
Credits to Merkuria
Credits to 2nnovator

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