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Special Individual Interception: Modernia



Published on: March 15, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

“A Nikke that has been modified by Raptures and made stronger than either. It’s capable of ending someone’s life in an instant”

Modernia guide

The guide written below is going to be specifically for the Special Individual Interception version of the boss, however it does share mechanics with other versions in other game modes.

Modernia is the boss after Chatterbox in rotation of the week, if you are capable of clearing Chatterbox, then Modernia is only a slight step above that with a higher reliance on the beginning of the fight going well.

Steps to Success against Modernia

  1. Don’t skip the intro cutscene of the fight right away! The time you must skip the cutscene is when the shutter to Modernia’s mech closes, and the text for her name appears on the screen.
    • Doing this correctly will cause all of your units to target her “Core” which is the most important thing to target from the start of the fight.
  2. You have 21 seconds from when you see your units and Modernia appears to when she does the second set of her laser attack.
    • You must break the core within that time to prevent her from spamming that attack and kill your units if you are low level
  3. The weaker you are, the more DPS you have to use in your team, changing the way you play the fight entirely.
    • Understanding how to i-frame her bomb attack, or manual fighting to time bursts are more important the weaker you are.

Once you are able to break the core, the rest of the fight really opens up.

  1. Once the Core is broken, Modernia will move back and summon 6 bombs.
    • If a unit takes more than 3 of them, they will die. It is recommended to destroy at least 3 to survive, or understand and learn how to i-frame cover the bombs to prevent damage.
  2. Modernia will move back forward and deal a series of attacks with her guns, these deal moderate to low damage depending on gear and stats of your Nikke.
    • You can mitigate half the damage if you break one of the wings, this runs a risk of breaking the second with Nikke being able to auto target.

Modernia will continuously go back and forth repeating the same attacks until either the other both wing breaks, you run out of time, or finish the fight by killing her.

  1. Breaking the second wing will cause Modernia to teleport far away, she then recovers her core and both her wings and does a series of attacks sending a pair of rockets and teleporting around the map.
    • These rockets deal heavy damage and will target at random. Break as many as you can and hope they don’t kill any of your units.
    • We recommend trying to avoid breaking both wings so you don’t have to worry about her second phase, and just focus her body and dodging the bombs.
  2. If you survived the rocket barrage, it’s a race to kill her, as she will open with the laser attack at the start.

Unit recommendations

The more damage you have, the more safe you can play the fight to include healers.

Below, we will list the units we trust to help you clear Modernia the easiest. Not having the units listed does not necessarily mean you can’t clear, but these are units we are the most confident will bring a full clear.

Example runs

Credits to A BBCCC for the low TP Kill and no healer.
Credits to Violet for a No Pilgrim unit clear ft Noise
Using Snow White as the Core Breaker, Ive swapped to Scarlet since the clears are way faster.

2 comments on "Special Individual Interception: Modernia"

  1. Starlad94 says:

    Blanc and Noir are great for this fight if you use them together. If you have enough dps but are lacking sustain, they’ve got you covered

    1. Sefhi says:

      They are! We have to update most bosses with bunny girls as they can fit on most teams lol, thanks for the comment!

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