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Published on: June 17, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

In a form of a huge bird, Storm Bringer had quickly taken full air superiority above all Raptures, which was once thought to be unprotected, and reigned as the king of the sky.

Stormbringer Attack Pattern

This guide will cover the main mechanics of the Stormbringer fight, with mentions of the changed mechanics for the co-op boss and other game modes.

The actual mechanics for Stormbringer are extremely simple, the biggest enemy is the amount of damage you take from certain attacks and how often the boss leaves the screen.

The higher your CP deficit, the harder you have to fish for the right attack patterns.

Phase 1 patterns:

  • Stormbringer will fly across the screen and will attack by sending a series of lasers targeting Nikke at random, these lasers do heavy damage and can kill a unit if they are hit frequently,
    • These can be avoided by destroying the turrets on the left and right insides of each wing.
    • These parts respawn and can be killed frequently dealing heavy damage to the boss.
    • The heavier your CP deficit, the harder it is to kill the turrets affecting how much damage you take in return, the slower you are in killing them, the more damage you take.
  • A set of 3 interruption circles will appear on the screen.
    • Failing to break any of the circles will result in a Nikke getting hit with a lightning strike, dealing heavy damage and potentially resulting in instant death.
    • The boss will stop swaying for a few seconds in a row before this attack occurs.
  • One of the many ways you fail this boss is running out of time.
    • Stormbringer has a habit of flying towards the player and off the screen for several seconds before appearing back.
    • This happens randomly, thankfully not super often and not right after it’s already done this.

Phase 2 patterns:

You will know when you have entered phase 2 as it will break the magnetic fields protecting its wings.

This is roughly ~50% HP left in the encounter. The same attacks from Phase 1 will continue in this phase as well.

  • Shortly after its transition, it will do a charge up attack (It will look like a purple orb of lightning above its head).
    • This attack will deal heavy damage, potentially killing a unit that is not in cover.
    • This attack will stun whoever it hits but does not kill, and will heavy damage to cover.
  • The boss will do 2 sets of 3 interruption circles in a row.
    • Failing the first set will cause the boss to charge up an attack, which will wipe your party on higher difficulties or deal extremely heavy damage.
    • Completing the first set of circles but failing the second set will cause a lightning strike, killing 2 Nikke.

Phase 2 of the fight is considerably more scary as there are more ways to fail, causing either a wipe or fail of the fight due to lack of time (due to Nikke death etc.)

Focus should always be on keeping Nikke in cover as much as possible (as long as you have some form of cover repair) or testing how much damage you can take before needing to take cover.

Breaking the turrets continuously is the only way to finish the fight as quick as possible. Having a healer or some form of continuous mitigation (taunt, defense up etc.) helps a lot.

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