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Sung Jinwoo best stats



Published on: April 3, 2024

Last updated on: May 15, 2024

Before you distribute stats for Sung Jinwoo

You can reset your stats at any point, so don’t worry too much about testing new builds or trying different distributions. The more you level up, the higher the cost in gold to reset your stats, but that’s to be expected.

Stats to avoid

Before we get into the proper distribution, a foreword on useless stats you should never level up since they provide nothing of value. Vitality and Intelligence are both stats that you should avoid 99% of the time.

  • Vitality gives you defense and HP, both stats are useless since you are pushing under heavy combat power deficit anyway and will get one-shot. This game values dodging and higher damage numbers since everything has a timer.
  • Intelligence gives you additional MP and better cooldown reduction. From our testing and people in the official discord, the amount you get is negligible in comparison to, once again, just doing more damage.

That leaves us with only three stats that you need to focus on, Strength, Agility and Perception, so what’s the correct distribution?

Strength build

A more popular build after the global release and the staple most people are going for.

Maxed out weapons to get precision (depending on how many dupes you have on them, SSR weapons can give up to 4000 points of precision while SR weapons can give up to 2000 points of precision).

This build focus mostly on Strength, going 4:1 (4 points into strength, 1 into perception). You should be able to get most of your crit from gear over time when the RNG gods bless you with a good piece.

Balanced build

A more balanced build that focus on multiple stats instead of going full strength.

Do you have Plum Sword?

  • Pre-Igris: Do 2:2:1 STR/Agility/Perception. Once perception hits 85% you can stop investing in it.
  • Post-Igris: After you reach 85% perception, switch to 3:2 STR/Agility.

Do you NOT have Plum Sword?

  • 1:1 Strength/Perception until you get to 80% perception, then switch to 2:1 STR/PRC until 85%. Then switch to 3:2 STR/Agility (3 points in strength per level, 2 in agility)

26 comments on "Sung Jinwoo best stats"

  1. Dragon says:

    best sung jin woo artifact high ranking demon or hard leather and Beast
    Critical Hit Damage
    Critical Hit Rate
    Goog Luck Guys <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    Will there be any pages showing how stats like Defence Penetration scale? I think it would be important for figuring out how much of a stat you need to get say, 25% def pen or something like that and maybe seeing how effective maximising damage reduction would be

    1. Sefhi says:

      That would actually be pretty cool to make, added to the possible list of things to make, thanks!

  3. Kurugari says:

    I do 3:2 Strength/Perception and once it reach 85% I switch to 3:2 Strength/Agility.

  4. Karma says:

    Which other weapon we can use with the Plum sword or which other weapon is a good option here?

  5. neya says:

    what is igris?

  6. Boulaug says:

    85% precision is ~80 points perception ( i have this build at lvl 30 perception 80 -> 85.04% // str 82 -> 4423 atk // Agility 52 -> 22.71 crit rate and dmg crit rate 63.68 ) AND 10 vitality and int

  7. Kami says:

    can you tell the total in each stat we need to have at certain level ? like level 20 , 30 , 40 etc…

  8. MaskedAngel says:

    I read this guide and rebuilt my Jinwoo without the plum sword. Did a random 10 roll right after and got the plum sword, time to redo my stats again lol

  9. Guilherme Pinto says:

    Ótimo guia. Eu tenho apenas uma dúvida, como sei que a percepção atingiu 85%?

  10. ShadowKier says:

    For Perception, is it 85% base (just from skill points, no weapons at rank 1 or higher included) or 85% in general?

  11. Ebi says:

    when you say “85% perception”, do you mean 85 points to perception?

  12. THE leveler says:

    Nice guide can you post a Sung Jin-Woo build guide as well?!!

    1. Sefhi says:

      Working on one already 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yoo I like the guides but I would love a Sung Jin-Woo build guide too!!

    1. Sefhi says:

      Will make one!

  14. Hardkeen says:

    Thanks for the guide but I cant find the % perception anywhere.

    1. Sefhi says:

      On top right there’s a magnifier icon, Jinwoo has detailed stats you can check there!

  15. PlayerOne says:

    I’ve tried to test with 85% precision and I find it’s not enough, I have a better DPS with 95% precision, note that it’s easier for me to get this rate because I have duplicates on my weapons, what do you think?

  16. d says:

    I want to ask about perception, you said to stop increasing perception when it reaches 85 ℅, then what are the next steps if we increase the level, because perception will decrease if we increase the level. do we let the perception go down or do we raise it again to 85℅

    1. Sefhi says:

      You try to maintain it. You don’t stop leveling perception just the amount of points you put into it

  17. Hashtag says:

    thanks for the information.
    could you make the best skill we can use ?

    1. Sefhi says:

      I’ll make a page for artifacts / skills for Jinwoo after the weapon tier list

  18. Edmondico says:

    Could you also make Sung Jinwoo best artifacts and weapon? Thanks!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Unsure what perception % means. I only get a flat number, is each point 1%?

    1. Sefhi says:

      You can check the % on your full stats on Jinwoo page, i’m pretty sure is not 1% per level but i could be wrong

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