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Synchro Device



Published on: August 4, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

What’s the Synchro Device?

The Synchro Device allows you to level up NIKKES past their level cap (which depends on how many dupes you have on a character) based on the level of your highest 5 NIKKES.

This makes it easy to invest resources as you only need to focus on 5 units instead of having to level up the 80+ NIKKES we currently have in the game.

To access the Synchro Device, you can do so from your Outpost.

How to unlock more Synchro Device slots

There are only three options to unlock more slots on your synchro device:

  • Tactics academy provide some updates (up to 15 slots)
  • By spending gems directly (500 per slot)
  • Sometimes NIKKE will give free synchro slots with big events and/or livestreams

How to get units past their level limit

Sadly, NIKKE doesn’t explain this and for new players it’s something important, so pay attention.

If you want to get your units past their level cap (SR at 160, or SSR without dupes and up to 2 dupes at 160), you can place them in the Synchro Device, and they will automatically get to the current max level of your top units.

This means you only need to focus on getting 5 units to MLB (3 dupes for level 200) and as a F2P player you can focus on getting only 1 copy of the characters you like afterward.

Important note: When you have 5 units in your Synchro Device with 3 dupes, YOU CANNOT CHANGE THEM.

They will become the top 5 NIKKES forever on your Synchro Device as shown in the picture above.

One comment on "Synchro Device"

  1. RandomPlayer01 says:

    “When you have 5 units in your Synchro Device with 3 dupes, YOU CANNOT CHANGE THEM” Only applies for the last level 200 that completes having 5 MLB.

    Just 5 MLB SSR’s by itself does not stop you from resetting a unit, only after the last one hits 200 does this occur.

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