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Published on: November 30, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

About team building in NIKKE

One of the main concerns for new players starting off in not only NIKKE but a lot of team based gacha games is wondering if the units they are using are strong and powerful enough to help them progress through the game.

However, there are more factors than just “This/These characters are the best” and “They will always work”

If you have ever looked at the in game system that shows which other players have cleared a stage, and they are lower ‎power than you, but you keep wondering why you can’t or are looking to learn a bit more about why certain teams just work, then hopefully this guide will help you figure out the small (or large) nuances to why some teams are stronger and more optimal than others.

Some things to get out of the way right away

  • Yes, some units are just “that strong” and have universal usage. There aren’t that many currently in the game, so this will not apply to just everyone.
  • This guide is mainly there to help you be able to understand what exactly on a character is desirable as a base, some things are good everywhere and some are not.
  • Whatever is currently considered “meta” has yet to shift to a massive degree, if a unit has been released within the last few months and is rated high it probably will be for a while.

Also remember that any character can and should be used, especially if it is a character you love or are a big fan of.

We are never going to be the ones to tell you not to use a unit, especially if she is your fave. If you can take anything away from this guide, and it helps you progress with the unit you love, then that is an even better result than taking whatever is meta, because at least you are making fun in the best way possible for yourself!

Understanding what makes a good team

Outside of making sure your team can fully rotate (1 NIKKE of each burst type), the only other important aspect of any team is synergies between units and skills.

The more you look at what buffs units bring and why players commonly pick these units, the more you’ll understand why certain buffs will always be strong or sought after. Here’s an example of each class type that NIKKE currently has, and why they are good at filling their role.

An example of an ideal Supporter

By far the best Burst 1 supporter unit in the game (since release) Liter has held the title for this slot because her kit is really that overloaded.

Providing some of the highest numbers in terms of the buffs she brings (attack, burst cooldown reduction, max ammo capacity, cover repair), which are all sought after by most meta units, while also being a 20-second cooldown unit herself.

For a full breakdown on Liter’s kit, you can open her page here.

An example of an ideal Defender

Not all defenders need to have a taunt or defense buff! Although Blanc’s kit at initial glance looks more like a support NIKKE, her ability to keep you alive is still second to none. She also makes all enemies take more damage via “damage taken increased” debuff which is one of the best you can have.

Note that some units, like Blanc, need to be paired with other units in order to properly use them. In this case, you must pair her together with her sister, Noir.

For a full breakdown on Blanc’s kit, you can open her page here.

An example of an ideal Attacker

One of the best overall attacker units currently available, Scarlet is the perfect mix of insanely strong damage in both AOE and single target situations. This is thanks to her insane % numbers on her burst skill + her own attack buff, combined with the fact that she is the highest base attack assault rifle unit in the game with a whooping 27.08%.

Although Scarlet is unique in that she self damages to increase her own damage, she is definitely one of the strongest overall attacker units in the game.

For a full breakdown on Scarlet’s kit, you can open her page here.


The game tends to be a bit muddy with how units are classified. Units like Dorothy are an amazing example of why. She is classified as a “supporter unit” with only one actual skill that affects the team in any way, meanwhile she has some of the highest overall damage in the game. Other examples of this are units like 2B (yes, that 2B) and Anis: Sparkling Summer.

The importance of good rotations

A fairly simple concept to understand is that most teams will run a “1-1-3” composition (one burst 1, one burst 2 and three burst 3’s)

A Burst 1 with a 20-second burst cooldown, A burst 2 with a 20-second cooldown, and 3 burst 3 units with a 40-second cooldown. With this you are able to rotate between 2/3 Burst 3s with a bit of choice on your part with only a few seconds of downtime (assuming you have no units with burst cooldown reduction)

There are other variations of team compositions that will vary based on the base burst cooldown of some units and the game mode you’re currently playing. Some burst 1’s and 2’s have varying cooldowns (40 seconds or 60 seconds in some cases) and will require you to change how your team rotates.

Realistically you cannot have a team without at least 2 Burst 3 units or else you’ll be in full burst once every 2 rotations which is not ideal in a full fight (of 3 minutes).

Some example compositions

A normal 1-1-3 composition. Arguably the most “Meta” composition currently in the game. The perfect mix of sustain healing, protection and DPS. These teams burst will rotate cleanly, and consistently.

A 2-1-2 type composition. This type of composition actually bursts smoothly as well as both Volume and Mast are 20-second cooldowns, however Noise is there mainly for protection. You can and will see the last slot on most teams can be exchangeable with less damage and more protection or healing based on the encounter you face.

Regardless of what units you choose to use:

  • You can only run 1 either Burst 1 or Burst 2 that is a 40-second cooldown (This will force you to then fill your last slot with another Burst 1 or 2 based on whichever slot was chosen)
  • You must use 2 Burst 3’s minimum for smooth gameplay (especially on auto)
  • Being able to think dynamically for whatever situation you are in will benefit how you approach the game and what units to choose.

What If I’m a new player and don’t have that many NIKKE???

What if I’m a new player with a smaller roster?

That’s okay! You can and will eventually get better units (or the units you love) over time. If you are a new player with absolutely horrid luck, here are some units to help you out:

Snow White: Innocent Days is listed here with the assumption you played during the 1st Anniversary event. If you are newer than that, then you can take whatever free SSR you got (assuming it’s a Burst 3) and replace her here.

Privaty is a free unit, so anyone can use her, and she is a great unit thanks to her full screen stun.

With this template, you can fill in the blanks with whatever units you get.

We have a tier list here if you would like to know what units we think are the best at what they do in their respective roles specific to PVE contents to better help you decide if a unit is worth using.

Please comment below if you are looking for more detailed help, or join our discord as we are more active there with plenty of people to help out. We are there pretty much all the time, so we can get back to you quicker.

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