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Tribe Tower



Published on: March 15, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

What’s the tribe tower?

Tribe tower is a scaling floor to floor game mode that provides the player rewards to upgrade your Nikke.

There are two versions of the Tribe tower, one that allows the player to use any Nikke they have from any manufacturer, and the other that is specific to one manufacturer that rotates on a daily basis (Weekends being the exception, opening all manufacture towers).

The Tribe Tower unlocks after completing Stage 3-3 in the Campaign.

The Tribe Tower system is meant to be a difficult encounter that provides a decent reward upon completing floors and scales extremely high, similar to that of the hard mode campaign.

It is perfectly normal to hit a wall and be stuck there for a long time. All you can do is wait, level up skills, acquire gear and level up Nikke and eventually try again.

With no reset for the manufacturer specific Tribe towers on the horizon (maybe ever), these towers are going to be a struggle, as some manufacturers just have better units in general than others.

Below, we will provide what we think to be the best units you can use in each burst slot for each manufacturer.

Manufacturer tribe tower team compositions

The very nature of these Tribe Towers is to be restrictive and difficult, if you are missing units then you are simply stuck until you unlock more Nikke.

The molds given from these towers are very negatively received, as the rates on receiving a unit includes SR and R units.

We will be recommending the absolute best unit for the slot, and 1 extra unit as a replacement if there are any, as there are not that many units in each manufacturer spread across each Burst slot evenly.

Alternative units:

  • Other options for CDR are Dolla and Helm: Aquamarine, but D: Killer Wife is the best pick even without snipers on the team
  • Diesel is a good taunter and can sustain herself, but not enough for pushing higher levels of the tower
  • Mast works really well with Guillotine, but once again you lose your CDR or your heals if you are using Marciana

Missilis has excellent units, if you don’t have school girls, there are some nice options:

  • Centi can be a good Burst 2 option
  • Laplace can be replaced with Drake or… Epinel if you don’t have Matis squad lol
  • Liter cannot be replaced, but N102 is a nice budget alternative
  • Pepper or Quency can provide heals if you need
  • Guilty is also a free unit that can help with DPS

Tetra is the manufacturer with most units, so plenty of nice options here to play:

  • Volume is almost a must since she provides CDR and good buffs
  • Mary: Bay Goddess can heal and do a lot of damage if enemies are water weak
  • Ludmilla is a really good tank / taunter, but needs a healer to keep her alive and at high tower levels she will always die
  • Rupee and Dolla are amazing options for burst 2 if you don’t have bunny girls
  • If you don’t have Ludmilla: Winter Owner, Sugar and Anis: Sparkling Summer are good alternatives

Pilgrims are the only case where you will have to use what you have available, since not everyone will have the full roster.

Scarlet Black Shadow and Red Hood are the strongest DPS in the game, so if you have them, you should be set for good progress in this tower.

2 comments on "Tribe Tower"

  1. Ben says:

    Does killer wife replace miranda on the elysion tower?

    1. Sefhi says:

      Yes, i’ll update this week some of the NIKKE guides including this one

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