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Published on: November 6, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

Ultra is a tyrant class rapture capable of causing corruption to even the most capable NIKKE, this colossal rapture is seen at the end of Chapter 26 in the story and comes with a set of unique attacks.

Ultra’s Attack Pattern

  • Ultra will open with a volley of lasers targeting a single Nikke.
  • There are 2 breakable poison sacks that respawn and deal damage to the boss.
  • 3 Interruption circles will appear on either the left or right (at random).

Failing to break the circles will cause the boss to retaliate with an AOE attack, dealing heavy damage.

Breaking the circles with knock the boss down (the first time) and cause a basic interruption every subsequent time the circles appear.

  • After some time, the boss will channel an attack that will cause a warning. This attack is an AOE shockwave that deals medium damage and will stun all Nikke that are hit.
  • The boss will do a short charge up and spew a ball of poison at 2-3 Nikke, when hit deals medium damage but does not leave any poison.
  • There is an AOE laser attack that deals medium damage and will apply a poison dot to any Nikke hit. The poison deals a lot of damage and must either be cleansed or healed through. The laser itself can be covered, and the cover does not take a ton of damage.

The only unit that can cleanse right now is Cocoa, but honestly it’s better to use good healers over her for this fight since her kit is a lot more niche even as we take the poison mechanic into consideration.

The boss does not have a ton of basic attacks that you have to worry about, breaking the respawnable poison sacks to avoid some mechanics and avoiding the stun prevents a lot of the issues of this fight.

Ultra itself has a lot of HP, but a lot of it is easily dealt by the fact that body parts deal damage to it when broken, this fight can easily be done below p‎ower without a healer as long as you are capable of dealing with the circles and attacks that can be covered.

Recommended units

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