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Your first team in Nikke



Published on: February 24, 2023

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

What units should be in your team when you are starting out in Nikke?

If you have been playing for a week or two, or maybe you just don’t login every day, today we’ll talk about starter units you can focus on levelling up and not worry too much until you get better Nikkes.

This team is a boilerplate, meaning you can swap units as you get better SSRs and you can check what units are good or not in our guides.

SR units are good when you are starting out, but they scale a lot worse than any SSR, even if they are of the lowest tier.

N102 will buff your team with ATK and Crit and can be placed in any team until you get a healer or, best scenario, Liter.

Anis will provide one of the best energy burst generations in the game for your team and also take damage away from your DPS while increasing her own DEF.

Privaty is a free SSR unit that you will get by completing missions for 14 days and is a Burst III that can be placed on any team without any problems.

She buffs ATK, increases reload speed, stuns the enemies and has decent damage output.

Rapi is one of the initial Nikkes you will get for free, she can taunt enemies and boost her own ATK but long term she scales poorly compared to Burst III SSR units.

The last spot in your team will be filled by your guaranteed SSR on the first multi.

5 comments on "Your first team in Nikke"

  1. Hiro Roman says:

    Thx for the reponse and I see I’ll try run that team for now and see how it works appreciate the advise

  2. Hiro Roman says:

    Not sure if I can post this url here but hopefully is the right area, need help building a balanced team please and thank you

    1. Sefhi says:

      Hey! You have bunny girls and both NieR units so you are pretty much set for campaign and early progression 🙂

      You are lacking some good burst 1 options but for now you can run something like N012 or Ludmilla – Blanc – A2 – 2B – Noir

  3. Anonymous says:

    Privaty is still obtainable through Day by Day, the one you can’t get anymore is Diesel. She was a pre-registration reward.

    1. Sefhi says:

      Updated, thanks!

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