Daily Gacha Videos
Additional damage taken based on Elemental advantageApply stunAttack buff (allies)Attack buff (self)Attack damage (self)Attack damage buff (allies)Attack speedBest girlBrand: accumulates damageBurst cooldown reductionCharge damage (allies)Charge damage (self)Charge speed (allies)Charge speed (self)ConcealmentCover repairCritical damage buff (allies)Critical damage buff (self)Critical rate buff (allies)Critical rate buff (self)Critical rate for normal attack (allies)Damage over time effect (multi)Damage over time effect (single)Damage share (allies)Debuff immunityDebuff removalDefense buff (allies)Defense buff (self)DispelDisplacement in the fieldDistributed damage buff (allies)Distributed damage buff (self)Duplicate attack buffDuplicate HP bufffeaturedFixed DamageGain pierceHit rate buff (allies)Hit rate buff (self)HP potency (allies)HP potency (self)HP recovery (allies)HP recovery (self)HP recovery when attackingImmobilizeImmunity to stunIncrease burst gauge generationIncrease cover Max HPIncrease damage taken (multi)Increase damage taken (single)Increase damage to breakable partsIncrease damage to enemy projectilesIncrease explosion radiusIncrease explosion rangeIncrease full burst timeIncrease number of pelletsIncrease pierce damage (allies)Increase pierce damage (self)Increase stack of buffsIncrease sustained damage (allies)Increase sustained damage (self)Increased damage when attacking coreIncreased maximum effective rangeIndomitability (allies)Indomitability (self)Instant ammo reload (%)Interruption circle damageInvincibility (allies)Marked target additional effectsMax ammo capacity decreaseMax ammo capacity increaseMax HP increase (allies)Max HP increase (self)Re-enter burst skillReduce damage taken (allies)Reduce damage taken (self)Reduce full burst timeReduce sustained damage (allies)Reduce sustained damage (self)Reduce target attack (multi)Reduce target attack (single)Reduce target defense (multi)Reduce target defense (single)Reload speed (allies)Reload speed (self)ResurrectionShares HP recoveryShield (allies)Shield (self)Stacking attack buff (self)Stacking critical damage buff (self)Stacking damage to breakable parts buff (allies)Stacking defense buff (allies)Stacking defense buff (self)Stacking HP recovery buff (allies)Stacking max HP buffStorageStronger element damage buffSummon a decoySustained damageTaunt / attractTrigger (Last Bullet Mechanic)Trigger (Number of Attacks)Trigger (Skill Activation Repetition)True damage buff (allies)True damage buff (self)VampWipe Out

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