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Trickcal RE:VIVE Tier List July 2024

THIS IS A PVE TIER LIST. I don’t care about PVP on any gacha I play, so I can’t help you there bozos.

This tier list includes characters from the Korean version, not only global.

Trickcal RE:VIVE is a game where elemental advantage and using a full team of the same element plays a huge role on your damage output and being able to clear a level or not. Use any tier list you see as a reference to build your own team based on them and your own research when possible.

If you want to know more about each character and why they have that rating, feel free to join our Discord and ask about it.

Remember that this game has a lot of game modes and also plenty of possible team compositions. Just because you see a character on a lower rating doesn’t mean you should not use them ever. Waifu > meta.


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